24 juni 2016

Hello Friday... the after glow

This week I joined on a little adventure with The Holy Kauw Company that was so much fun I'll be glowing for a few days. When Dutch interior magazine VT Wonen wanted to do a special summer lunch production they thought hey why not with actual food and fun people. 

I joined to help blogger friends Mireille and Arno with an extra set of hands and trust me it didn't feel like working for one second. It is a delight to be around these driven creative and food loving people. Two days of soaking in vitamin Inspiration. 

These are snap shots I have taken during the job. More amazing pictures of this production can be seen in the September issue of VT Wonen. Make sure to get a copy. 


During our expat life in Singapore I have not been working and now I want to surround myself with fun projects and inspirational people to grow and develop as a freelancer next to my blog. So if you are looking for a writer, allround creative or brainstorm partner be sure to let me know. I am looking forward to many more collaborations.

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