23 november 2018

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES no 5 - we may need a bigger chimney

Every year I struggle making a wish list. During the year I can come up with numerous items I would like but when the pressure is on... I stall... This year I imagined a room and a mood. So I came up with a bedroom where you get ready for the day surrounded by a selection of precious items. This includes a rug... hence the titel 'we may need a bigger chimney'.

A-line satin dress | Huette Leather Boots | Arc en Ciel pailleté blue et doré | Hay rug blue | Dark chocolate with golden glaze necklace | Muuto candelabra green | Tonone Bolt desk lamp blue | Society of Wanderers bedding Topanga 

16 november 2018

H E L L O F R I D A Y | Scandinavian design hand in hand with traditional flower decor

Going through Pinterest and Instagram I see a lot of old English and Scandinavian atmosphere with abundant flower wallpapers and velvet chairs. This style is brought to this century by adding modern quote posters, design light features and minimalistic modern furniture. As soon as it catches my eye I need to try to create my own style of collage with this atmosphere.

Artwork trees and flowers by Desenio | wallpaper by House of Hackney | Thin frame lounge chair by Lawson Fenning | Tulou coffee table by Muuto | Pebble Rug by Muuto | Floor lamp Nathan by Ellos

13 november 2018

#SEASONGIFTUIDES No 4 - Prepare for a Winter Wonderland

Another 'SEASON GIFT GUIDE' edition for you! I love winter and hope we get a frosty one so we can take the kids out with the sledge and ice skates. The good thing about all this frisky outdoor life is  that you double enjoy the moments of comfort and warmth inside. A hot chocolate drink with one if these fun chocolate bars or playing for hours in your maillot on this Winder Wonderland tale telling play mat. Let the temperatures drop, I am so so ready for it.

Chocolate bars milk & white from HEMA | Panda wool cardigan by Mini Rodini | Moon Picnic Weather station | Twinkle twinkle garland | Tretorn active Chelsea winter rubber boots | Molo maillot pink | Winter wonderland play mat by ByAlex Playmats

9 november 2018

H E L L O F R I D A Y | Let's get excited about ZONDAG (Sunday)

Sundays.. the last day of the week. A day to come together with friends or family. A day of sports and of taking time for things. Like for instance cooking. Weather it is a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner... at least one meal on Sunday should feel like a feast.

In England they have the Naked Chef and in the Netherlands we have The Holy Kauw Company. With a passion for food and an eye for creativity and styling the couple Arno and Mireille create magic with their food concepts. And not just for the newly weds on a catered party or for one of their magazine collaborations, they also bundle their best recipes in an amazing book.

Together with Uitgeverij Snor they have created the book ZONDAG (Sunday). For now it is only available in Dutch but I am sure if their star continues to rise an English version will follow. Let's continue the excitement. On my Instagram account you can enter a give away to get your own copy of this book.
This book is in Dutch so my suggestion is to join the give away if you have mastered the language. And once you have practiced the recipes... feel free to share some images using #zondagboek.

6 november 2018

K I D S T U E S D A Y | Still not bored with the jungle theme, are you?

We still cannot get enough of the JUNGLE theme for a kids bedroom. It is because you can take it into so many different directions. Go 'botanical' with a few stuffed wild animals, or use some 'bohemian' to create the feel of a jungle treehouse.

In this 'mood board' below (sorry I wanted to see what it would actually look like) I combined some online favourite brands, some Instagram hits and a newly discovered lamp that makes my heart sing. Get me a room and a budget and i will create this dream space for your little ones.

1 november 2018

Autumn... a season I appreciate so much more not I can enjoy it with my kids

Shop credits for the Autumn inspired moodboard on Instagram:

Maileg bunny Carla with sweater | Woodland Children's print by Wonder & Rah | Muuto pendant lamp Grain nature | Wall hooks trees by Ted & Tone | Mog Mittens oatmeal by Donna Wilson | Duvet covers by La Cerise sur la Gateau | Pine no Whine pillow by House of Rym

15 oktober 2018

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No3: are your kids the kind that like to build things?

Check out these toys!! Are your kids the kind that love to build things? Mine are. Thank goodness because I also love that type of play. For this post I've done quite a search to get a fun combination of age, skill and price range. The toys are unique and fun and will keep your kids away from the screens.

Not kidding! Can't wait for the cold winter days that you go out for a walk or some sledding, come home and get all cosy with one of these toys. These will for sure go on our family wish list!

#seasongiftguides are an addition to my Favourite Friday and Kids Tuesday posts in the months approaching the holiday season. My attempt to introduce you to some toys and gifts you may not have seen before. All items worth the shipping costs of online shopping I promise. We kick off once a week and towards mid November/December I will add some extra gift guides. ENJOY!

Bakoba megabox (red dot award winner!) | Cubetto: a wooden toy robot teaching the basics of programming) | Apollo, construction game by Londji | Makedo Toolkit (your kids will never let you throw out a cardboard box as they will use it to build) | Poppik sticker poster (like pixel art on the iPad but than on paper, or a modern version of colour by number).

8 oktober 2018

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No2: Galaxy never gets boring

Finding fun and unique things to gift your children this holiday season doesn't have to be difficult. Just keep an eye out for our #seasongiftguides. At LilleLykke we source the internet for the most cute, fun, must have items. Sometimes in a theme like here, sometimes just by colour or play theme. 

Galaxy will never bore your kids. It is something mesmerising and even will intrigue us grown ups. As endless as the galaxy is the options for gifts are equally endless. Last year I made a great boys gift guide. This one tends to lean towards the girls. The scratch cards by Djeco are a real treat. Will keep your kids happily busy during the vacation days. And what little one doesn't love a pretty music box to keep your favourite little items. 

What are your favourite SPACE & GALAXY items? 

Space Rangers book (make your own paper rockets) | Fabric vintage watch | Star fall moon Pink print |

Djeco music box Superman mister moon | Brooches space | Velvet star pillows (available in any colour imaginable) | Djeco scratch cards Cosmic Mission

2 oktober 2018

KIDS TUESDAY - for doll loving ground playing girly girls

As you may know by now I am a boys mama. Could that be why I enjoy creating these girly rooms collages so much? The start for this collage was this amazing doll bed by Crate and Barrel. I know most mommies are in love with the Sebra one but this is a good contestant as well if you ask me. It's a mini version of a Jenny Lind bed. Combined with the magical stars in the canopy and the lush little flowers on the ByAlex Playmat you have a winner. 

Why the crate... I'm not sure. It is becoming quite a hype on Instagram. It must be the cute colours plus all parents are keen on storage for the toys. But I never thought a plastic crate like this could get all of us running to the shops. Don't have one (yet) but am starting to see the benefit. 

Sources for the products:
Playmat with flowers | Carboard pendant light | little stars canopy | rabbit soft toy with oversized sweater (she had me with the sweater I must admit) | plastic storage crate (available in many trendy colours) | Jenny Lind doll bed 

1 oktober 2018


It is too early to start making suggestions for Sinterklaas and Christmas shopping? No! Ok that came out a bit harsh.

Before you know it favourites will have sold out. You get so flustered with everything that needs to be organised you forget where you have spotted something. Or the worst... you leave it to the last minute meaning there is not enough time for online (original) shopping so you are doomed to buy Lego or Playmobil. Don't get me wrong, great toys, we have them at home in an overload. But they don't give a parent the same kind of fulfilment as the carefully selected items in my #seasongiftguides will do.

Put them on your wishlist or drop them in a shopping basket today. What works for you, works for me. Enjoy this years gift guides. There will be plenty more coming.

Sources for the items selected: Candy bracelets | Wall decoration lion | Poster 'together' | knitted doll Lauvely Friend | lunchbox | Patterned legging