1 mei 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - not every super hero is one of the Avengers

Every kid has big dreams. Wether it is to become an astronaut or a superhero. And they all love love love a themed bedroom. Mums do as well but they cringe when they think of the off the shelf commercial bright superhero stuff. As the really young ones don't watch it anyways you can offer them your own take on the SUPER HERO theme. Here's mine.... It's soft, it's cuddly, it's often hand made and absolutely stylish. 

Wallpaper Ferm Living Terrazzo grey | Numero 74 star garland via Mr Wolf Kids | DreamBIG light by Zoe Rumeau | The Superhero garland by Velveteen babies | TO THE MOON Superhero poster via Hello Little Birdie | Maileg superhero mouse in suitcase via Pomme de Jus | ByAlex Playmats 'A Shade of Grey' for all your superhero moments

6 april 2018

Pinterest - Top 10 jungle fever

Fiona Walker England Baboon animal wall head | Lorena Canal Washable rug Monstera Leaf | Pax and Hart Spot poster | Ferm Living kids Pineapple cushion | Studio Roof wall hanger parrot | Hartendief circular wallpaper Mighty Jungle | H&M Slub Wave cushion cover tiger (not available in all countries) | Braided cactus via Couleur Locale | Leopard/Teal Butterfly Double sided quilt | Amayadeeme CESAR tiger artwork from the Party collection

Do you have other Jungle themed items that are your favourite and you would like to share. Do leave a comment either here or on Instagram.

H e l l o F r i d a y - A clash of styles can be just what a room needs

A clash of styles doesn't always result in something confusing. It can be just the little thing a room needs to disturb the balance. Why would you want to do this? Because balance is great and all but also can be a bit boring. I prefer an interior that excites, gives you something to look at, and makes you wonder how the misfits happen to work so well together. That is what I have tried to do with this e-design. I've added the industrial look, the neo renaissance, some modern Scandinavian design and bold pops of colour. Best part for me personally... my 4 year old sat on my lap telling me what to put where, how to scale and which items to mirror. My own little apprentice.

All brand credits can be found on my Instagram account. 

3 april 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Some ocean trend finds to accessorise a kids room

I don't always see the trends coming. But that the ocean one was coming into the kids room could be seen from miles away. What does surprise me is that there are so many great products to find that have that little bit extra: being not too main stream.

This artwork from Amayadee makes my heart cheer for joy. I discovered her through her Party collection full of fun wild animals. Were I thought this was the summum the under water collection is even better! And something very small like this raffia bucket with contrasted colour handle can make my heart sing. I hope you find some inspiration in these gatherings for your own rooms to style.

Bamboo fish mirror | Fish artwork | Big washable fish cushion | Decorated tile wall hanger | Ceramic wall hooks | Table lamp | Raffia bucket

27 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - some amazing finds in a muted color pallet

This wallpaper designed by Laura Blythman is amazing. Looks like actual layers of mountains for as far as the eye can see. When looking for something original in wallpaper be sure to check out Jimmy Cricket in Australia as they have a great selection. I am also keen to see what Liveloudgirl can do with this jungle print. A true beauty! With these items the room can be suitable for a young child or a young adult. It's all in the accessories that finish the look.

Wallpaper Laura Blythman via Jimmy Cricket | Dyberg Larsen Haipot pendant lamp Red Rusty Earth Dark Red | Numero 74 multicoloured garland via Smallable | Poster A4 size with a wooden A print via Denesio | ByAlex Playmats big cushion soft grey | ByAlex Playmats playmat easy clean Velvet 'thank you mother earth' | Punched organizer grey by HAY | Hüsch metal baskets | Busca Naturel stool via Kwantum (Dutch) |

20 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - You are gold baby... solid gold!

When you accessorise a room you want to create atmosphere. You'll be looking for the right items such as wall lights, cushion, garlands and mirrors that fit the theme. Here I have selected some of my favourite gold items. Not all the most obvious choice for a kids room but to me it is the surprising element that gives the wow effect. For instance... I personally would be tempted to put the cherry light sculpture in the kitchen. 

Garland stars Numero74 | ABC garland Meri Meri | Honoré Décoration wall lamp | Silly et Billy moon sequin cushion | Carries light sculpture Urban Outfitters | Honore Decoration pineapple mirror | White star light Graham and Brown

16 maart 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - ARKET has arrived in the Netherlands! A Spring kitchen selection

There is a new kid in town! If that happens these days it almost goes un noticed. Until the 'new kid' is a store chain from Sweden. Than we wake up and go and explore. ARKET has launched their first Dutch store in Amsterdam at Koningsplein. A must visit next time I am in the capital city. For now I have made a selection of their online collection and added some fun Danish OYOY kitchen items. I love the instant spring vibes you get from this.

ARKET turtle bags string bag black | ARKET small glass flower pot | ARKET terracotta flower pot | ARKET short Wood serving spoons | OYOY oak cutting board | ARKET Bordallo Pinheiro Concave leaf plate 26 cm | ARKET Jerome Epinette Vetiver Handwash | ARKET medium spherical vase grey | OYOY milk & sugar people set | in the background Goose-eye stripe tea towel 

13 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Let's hop on the botanical trend with some one of a kind accessories

If there is one trend that is going on a little while longer and that is very hard to miss it is the botanical trend. Tropical birds like crane birds and flamingos are everywhere and popping up on nice wallpapers like this one, this one and this one. Combined with the ever so popular Monstera plant leaves on pillows or bedding. I personally prefer to combine this birst of brightness and sun with a modest wallpaper. To not go too much over the top. After all... trends are trends and will be replace with another hype at some point.

Wallpaper by Milton and King | Crane lamp by Sissy Boy Homeland | Calhoun & Co throw blanket bananas via Urban Outfitters | Rocking chair by Kids Depot | Fruiticana snake pink by Ferm Living Kids | Monstera leaf cushion via Urban outfitters | Leaf cushion Ferm Living kids

9 maart 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - Kitchen goals and wallpaper dilemmas

As a wallpaper lover I chose to put wallpaper in my kitchen. Not your most average choice as most people have tiled splash back. However, when we renovated our apartment we expected to only be living here a few years. With the wallpaper on the wall I get the look I love and whomever comes to live here next still can make their own choice for tiles.

This does mean I have to change my wallpaper every now and than because no matter how clean you try to be... there will be splashes on the wall. My previous wallpaper was a tile pattern (go figure, I don't put up tiles but take a tile pattern wallpaper). Now I want something more bold. I keep changing my mind on what I want (is it flowers like in this collage, or crane birds, or maybe a dark tiny flower pattern that I love so much at Krickelin). Budget wise I should go with this as it is only 22 euros per roll. Can you believe that!

Wallpaper by Graham and Brown via Hornbach | Tonone Bolt wall lamp striking orange |  Tonone Bolt wall lamp smokey black | Ikea UDDEN extractor hood (check if your ikea still has the mint one) | MENU salt and pepper shakers | Normann Copenhagen wall mounted  pocket organizers | IKEA Ekbacken kitchen worktop | Studio Fromata serving tray
So... what do you think? A fun vibrant kitchen that you would love to cook in or too over the top for your taste? Let me know your preferences and I can try to incorporate that in my next design.  

6 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Forest friends that accompany your sleep

As a freelancer I work with several companies to expand their exposure online and offline. One of those brands is Hartendief. In these collages I have combined their product and my Lille Lykke way of styling. Plus this is an easy way to show this wallpaper circle is suitable for many background wall colours. You can really create your own atmosphere. Ideal of kids who go to their 'big boy bed' and can still use some comfort at night of some forest friends. 

Wallpaper circle by Hartendief | Hurricane lamp by Be Pure Home | Divan twin bed by Kalon Studios