27 juli 2018

Hello Friday.... Let's go outside and enjoy the Summer

Let's talk about this summer. It is such a great sunny and warm time this year. Nothing better to do than go outside and enjoy your garden. This trend I am quite positive is coming directly from all the Pinterest inspirations. The dark timber in the gardens combined with luscious greens. I also have a few boards filled with some amazing gardens. Another thing I really like are the flagstone patios. A bit 70s but I like the playful, natural look you get with this tile. 

As much as I enjoy long evenings outside I really don't like getting cold or eaten by mosquitos. So often I pull a little blanket over my legs. Both for comfort and practical reasons. Enjoy these garden suggestions. And how exciting that you can find so many nice options for design garden lighting. You will have to dig a bit in your wallet but how often do you change garden lights? They are so worth it. 

MyDeerArtShop prints (available in several prints and sizes) | Wooden Teak side table via Zara Home | Home Click lounge chair in Pigeon Blue 

17 juli 2018

Kids Tuesday... it's funky, it's fresh and full of surprises

Find all credit to this funky fresh kids room here:

Wallpaper Farrow & Ball closet stripe st 360 | Tufted rug Faiza via Urban Outfitters | Corridor wall lamp by Dutch Bone (check out this lamp!!!) | Casement Black small sideboard (perfect storage) via Create & Barrel | Swedese Spin stool via Mister Design |  YAY wall banner (about poster size) via Ponyrider in Australia | Bedding (almost sold out) by h&m

13 juli 2018

Hello Friday... this feels like summer! It's holiday time

I can smell the summer here! Iced cold Gin and Tonic drinks, vibrant colourful vegetable crisps and kids playing outside. The school holidays have started and I am hoping it will allow me to do a bit more blogging. Sounds a bit off but I work as a freelancer during school hours. So with the holidays here I will be home a lot more. Hopefully you'll have a great summer and I can't wait to throw some more inspirations your way...

Bonnie and Neal table runner Watercolour blue | Vegetable crisps by 'De Hippe Vegetarian' | Kyoto ceramic plate by HK Living | Wine glass with blush pink base by HK Living | Glass sunset by Lagerhaus | Madam Stoltz placemat grey via Deens | Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sand collection salad servers

22 juni 2018

Hello Friday.... All you need for a bedroom with flair

Milton and King wallpaper shibori stripes | Chandelier black by BePureHome | Pillow case Rust Clouds by Castle and Things | Bedding duvet cover Odette Peacock by La Cerise sur Le Gateau | checkered pillow case Oscar Dijon by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau | Round rug (washable!) by Lorena Canals | Poster LouLou Avenue Full Moon art print via The Poster Club | Desert sky tassels throw by Kip and Co

1 mei 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - not every super hero is one of the Avengers

Every kid has big dreams. Wether it is to become an astronaut or a superhero. And they all love love love a themed bedroom. Mums do as well but they cringe when they think of the off the shelf commercial bright superhero stuff. As the really young ones don't watch it anyways you can offer them your own take on the SUPER HERO theme. Here's mine.... It's soft, it's cuddly, it's often hand made and absolutely stylish. 

Wallpaper Ferm Living Terrazzo grey | Numero 74 star garland via Mr Wolf Kids | DreamBIG light by Zoe Rumeau | The Superhero garland by Velveteen babies | TO THE MOON Superhero poster via Hello Little Birdie | Maileg superhero mouse in suitcase via Pomme de Jus | ByAlex Playmats 'A Shade of Grey' for all your superhero moments

6 april 2018

Pinterest - Top 10 jungle fever

Fiona Walker England Baboon animal wall head | Lorena Canal Washable rug Monstera Leaf | Pax and Hart Spot poster | Ferm Living kids Pineapple cushion | Studio Roof wall hanger parrot | Hartendief circular wallpaper Mighty Jungle | H&M Slub Wave cushion cover tiger (not available in all countries) | Braided cactus via Couleur Locale | Leopard/Teal Butterfly Double sided quilt | Amayadeeme CESAR tiger artwork from the Party collection

Do you have other Jungle themed items that are your favourite and you would like to share. Do leave a comment either here or on Instagram.

H e l l o F r i d a y - A clash of styles can be just what a room needs

A clash of styles doesn't always result in something confusing. It can be just the little thing a room needs to disturb the balance. Why would you want to do this? Because balance is great and all but also can be a bit boring. I prefer an interior that excites, gives you something to look at, and makes you wonder how the misfits happen to work so well together. That is what I have tried to do with this e-design. I've added the industrial look, the neo renaissance, some modern Scandinavian design and bold pops of colour. Best part for me personally... my 4 year old sat on my lap telling me what to put where, how to scale and which items to mirror. My own little apprentice.

All brand credits can be found on my Instagram account. 

3 april 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Some ocean trend finds to accessorise a kids room

I don't always see the trends coming. But that the ocean one was coming into the kids room could be seen from miles away. What does surprise me is that there are so many great products to find that have that little bit extra: being not too main stream.

This artwork from Amayadee makes my heart cheer for joy. I discovered her through her Party collection full of fun wild animals. Were I thought this was the summum the under water collection is even better! And something very small like this raffia bucket with contrasted colour handle can make my heart sing. I hope you find some inspiration in these gatherings for your own rooms to style.

Bamboo fish mirror | Fish artwork | Big washable fish cushion | Decorated tile wall hanger | Ceramic wall hooks | Table lamp | Raffia bucket

27 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - some amazing finds in a muted color pallet

This wallpaper designed by Laura Blythman is amazing. Looks like actual layers of mountains for as far as the eye can see. When looking for something original in wallpaper be sure to check out Jimmy Cricket in Australia as they have a great selection. I am also keen to see what Liveloudgirl can do with this jungle print. A true beauty! With these items the room can be suitable for a young child or a young adult. It's all in the accessories that finish the look.

Wallpaper Laura Blythman via Jimmy Cricket | Dyberg Larsen Haipot pendant lamp Red Rusty Earth Dark Red | Numero 74 multicoloured garland via Smallable | Poster A4 size with a wooden A print via Denesio | ByAlex Playmats big cushion soft grey | ByAlex Playmats playmat easy clean Velvet 'thank you mother earth' | Punched organizer grey by HAY | Hüsch metal baskets | Busca Naturel stool via Kwantum (Dutch) |

20 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - You are gold baby... solid gold!

When you accessorise a room you want to create atmosphere. You'll be looking for the right items such as wall lights, cushion, garlands and mirrors that fit the theme. Here I have selected some of my favourite gold items. Not all the most obvious choice for a kids room but to me it is the surprising element that gives the wow effect. For instance... I personally would be tempted to put the cherry light sculpture in the kitchen. 

Garland stars Numero74 | ABC garland Meri Meri | Honoré Décoration wall lamp | Silly et Billy moon sequin cushion | Carries light sculpture Urban Outfitters | Honore Decoration pineapple mirror | White star light Graham and Brown

16 maart 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - ARKET has arrived in the Netherlands! A Spring kitchen selection

There is a new kid in town! If that happens these days it almost goes un noticed. Until the 'new kid' is a store chain from Sweden. Than we wake up and go and explore. ARKET has launched their first Dutch store in Amsterdam at Koningsplein. A must visit next time I am in the capital city. For now I have made a selection of their online collection and added some fun Danish OYOY kitchen items. I love the instant spring vibes you get from this.

ARKET turtle bags string bag black | ARKET small glass flower pot | ARKET terracotta flower pot | ARKET short Wood serving spoons | OYOY oak cutting board | ARKET Bordallo Pinheiro Concave leaf plate 26 cm | ARKET Jerome Epinette Vetiver Handwash | ARKET medium spherical vase grey | OYOY milk & sugar people set | in the background Goose-eye stripe tea towel 

13 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Let's hop on the botanical trend with some one of a kind accessories

If there is one trend that is going on a little while longer and that is very hard to miss it is the botanical trend. Tropical birds like crane birds and flamingos are everywhere and popping up on nice wallpapers like this one, this one and this one. Combined with the ever so popular Monstera plant leaves on pillows or bedding. I personally prefer to combine this birst of brightness and sun with a modest wallpaper. To not go too much over the top. After all... trends are trends and will be replace with another hype at some point.

Wallpaper by Milton and King | Crane lamp by Sissy Boy Homeland | Calhoun & Co throw blanket bananas via Urban Outfitters | Rocking chair by Kids Depot | Fruiticana snake pink by Ferm Living Kids | Monstera leaf cushion via Urban outfitters | Leaf cushion Ferm Living kids

9 maart 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - Kitchen goals and wallpaper dilemmas

As a wallpaper lover I chose to put wallpaper in my kitchen. Not your most average choice as most people have tiled splash back. However, when we renovated our apartment we expected to only be living here a few years. With the wallpaper on the wall I get the look I love and whomever comes to live here next still can make their own choice for tiles.

This does mean I have to change my wallpaper every now and than because no matter how clean you try to be... there will be splashes on the wall. My previous wallpaper was a tile pattern (go figure, I don't put up tiles but take a tile pattern wallpaper). Now I want something more bold. I keep changing my mind on what I want (is it flowers like in this collage, or crane birds, or maybe a dark tiny flower pattern that I love so much at Krickelin). Budget wise I should go with this as it is only 22 euros per roll. Can you believe that!

Wallpaper by Graham and Brown via Hornbach | Tonone Bolt wall lamp striking orange |  Tonone Bolt wall lamp smokey black | Ikea UDDEN extractor hood (check if your ikea still has the mint one) | MENU salt and pepper shakers | Normann Copenhagen wall mounted  pocket organizers | IKEA Ekbacken kitchen worktop | Studio Fromata serving tray
So... what do you think? A fun vibrant kitchen that you would love to cook in or too over the top for your taste? Let me know your preferences and I can try to incorporate that in my next design.  

6 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Forest friends that accompany your sleep

As a freelancer I work with several companies to expand their exposure online and offline. One of those brands is Hartendief. In these collages I have combined their product and my Lille Lykke way of styling. Plus this is an easy way to show this wallpaper circle is suitable for many background wall colours. You can really create your own atmosphere. Ideal of kids who go to their 'big boy bed' and can still use some comfort at night of some forest friends. 

Wallpaper circle by Hartendief | Hurricane lamp by Be Pure Home | Divan twin bed by Kalon Studios

27 februari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Muted blue and concrete grey with great boy posters

A boys room design that young boys can grow old with. Just change some of the accessories that are adorably cute when they are young but become childish when they are older. So invest in the base materials such as a cool wallpaper and a beautiful rug. A designer like chair and bench that will be used for years to come.

Star garland silver by Numero74 | Sibori Wallpaper by Milton and King | Rug Design House Stockholm | To the Moon art prints Tyranozaur and Superhero | BePureHome Spotlight Floorlamp | Fameg Venice no.9 armstool | Ferm Living kids Little Architect bench dark blue

23 februari 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - When blog friends launch a new brand with huge potential

There is a new brand just around the corner. Three of my blog friends have teamed up with a Dutch retailer for something very clever. They each get to design their own collection and Kwantum knows all about producing on larger scale plus has the 100+ shops to sell the goods. Here is a sneak peak. Find all of this in stores from the 19th of March. 

The Bintihome WOWN collection for Kwantum.
Some price info: pillow €14,- | mirror €25,- | lamp €35,- | wall hook €4,50 | canvas wall deco €12,- | poof stool (take the pillow out and it’s a side table) €60,- | basket €10,- . 

 The Ensuus WOWN collection for Kwantum.
Some price info: lamps €45,- and €30,- | rug €25,- | pillow left €19,- | pillow right €17,- | wall shelf €9,- | tray (box) € 2,50 | vase pink (love this one) € 12,- | side table €29,- .

The Zilverblauw WOWN collection for Kwantum.
Some price info: wallpaper €22,- | poster €9,- or €15,- | lamp €29,- | photo shelf €15,- | cups €3,- or xl €5,- | plaid €29,- | pillow €17,- .

20 februari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Boys need to feel wild and free

If you don't want to go to permanent in your statements than you look for the right accessories. The artwork by Terry Fan can be found as a full mural at Milton and King. At the same time you can also choose a posters of any size at Juniqe. It's all about how bold you wish to go in a kids bedroom.

For me personally it can never be daring enough. As that is where the excitement happens and you create a unique living space. So even though I haven't chosen the mural for this collage I did go for a rather bold wallpaper. When keeping the rest of the items 'in tone' it can all compliment each other. These are all items that can grow with your child right into the days they say 'it's time, I'm leaving the nest'.

Wall light Lucide Mizuko | Pendant lamp unfold Muuto | Wallpaper Raphaël Blue by Sandberg Wallpaper | Terry Fan 'Age of the Giants' poster via Juniqe | Matthew Taylor Wilson 'Wild & Free' poster via Juniqe | Storage basket jacquard woven and Jute black and white via H&M home | Rattan chair Stockholm 2017 via IKEA | A-frame bookcase via PB Teen | Rattan rug Kidsdepot via Wehkamp

30 januari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y... If money and space would not be an object

I love a good playroom for kids. Some of my friends are lucky enough to have a space in the basement or and attic room where the kids can have their own little domain. All I need is a pot of gold and a very good delivery man.

I simply love these two new items I've found. The lion head is by Ila y Ela and I already spotted in when going through the Maison et Objet hashtags an again later in the I Love Playtime Paris posts. I must admit that is a huge source of inspiration for me: going through hashtags when I cannot go to the actual expo. Another item that caught my eye is this lamp. It's a fun version for kids of so many of the designer black lamps with bulbs. And affordable so a nice balance against the overload of design I've put in this 'if money was no object' post. 

The three little Muuto shelves would be used to display recent creations from Lego or Knexx. Things they would create on the round Normann Copenhagen table with bricks stored in the colourful boxes. Let's hope not too many items hit the floor. They will be swallowed by the lovely grid rug by LiveLoudGirl in collaboration with Maison Saadah. 

Storage is essential in a good playroom. I find the wood used by Etnicraft beautiful. With the display side on the right you can store some toys (only the decorative ones) in sight. All other playful things that you don't want to look at all day can be store behind the door or in the convenient drawer. And on the XL shelf by Rafa Kids you would find the kids favourite books, cards and artwork. I'm a dreamer. I have decorated homes in my head over and over. This is a goal that I may achieve by the time the kids are 16. Let's hope they'll still love it as much as they would today at 6 and 4. For the first time I haven't credited ALL ITEMS you find in this post. See something that you would like to learn more about. Feel free to drop me a little note. 


23 januari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y | Make every day a sunny day at the ocean with this themed kids room

I've been a fan from I Love My Type since the very early hours. It is nice to see they have such a fun kids collection with contemporary colours and fun images. Happiness guaranteed! In this room design the print is right there in the centre as it was the inspiration for the theme, the guideline for the colour pallet and a fun item to decorate the room with. I really like the pale colours.
Palm tree lamp by HK Living | Sunny at sea print by I Love My Type | Braided lamp by Ferm Living | Frame with anker by Silly et Billy | HM home big whale | Pink stone washed linen pillow | Mini Check quilted blanket by Camomile London 

11 januari 2018

Throwback Thursday.... my view on 'back to the future' in a Dutch interior style

Remember the old Dutch interiors. You would find a Persian rug on the dining table with a large lamp hanging over it, wooden chairs and lot's of Delfts blauw plates on the wall. I can almost smell these interiors as they had a weird moody dark smell. But what if we take some inspiration from that period, turn on the light, add some modern look and feel to it. This is what I would come up with. Cute for a kids room (the chair is child size) with an instant fun atmosphere.

Throwback Thursday is a new feature on my blog. I am hoping to show a variety of posts on these days combining popular early blogging days posts (so basically a repost), designs with styles inspired from the past (like this post) en sweet anecdotes from my own past. Let's enjoy #throwbackthursday from now on.

Swan head wall trophy by Fiona Walker England via Kids on the Dock | Porcelain blue wallpaper by Studio Ditte | Pendant lamp by Leenbakker | La cerise sur le gateau duvet cover Oscar Sencha | Rozenkelim rug 'vintage look blue and white' | KidsDepot rattan kids rocking chair via IkenIk

9 januari 2018

Hello there.... Shake off the lazy dust it is 2018 and I need to get cracking

Is it a good way to start the year with an apology? Hmmm. not sure. However I have been offline a bit longer than I had anticipated. The reason was great. I enjoyed the holidays with family and got caught up in the laughter and relax with my children. Call it 'off line quality time' if you like. No harm in that right?

After that bubble of relaxation it is difficult to find your ON switch again specially if you are working from home. I have created several e-designs that after a good few hours of putting together could go straight to the bin. And when a collage works it just seems to fall together on your screen. So again, excited and keen to keep growing, improving, and becoming more professional at this. Care to join me for the ride? Onward to a great 2018! May it be a successful year 'FOR THE BRAVE, THE WILD ONES. THE PEACE-MAKERS & THE DAY DREAMERS'.

Watch the magic happen where styles clash and collide as they slowly grow on you and may one day become a part of your home.

Nebulae Wallpaper from the Contemporary series at Wall & Deco | THE BRAVE THE WILD THE DREAMERS art print by Blacklist Studio | Cumulus Pendant lamp in white by Enoki | HORISONT ceramic wall candle by Charlotte Kristensen (as seen on the VT Wonen woon & design beurs) | Afteroom side table by Menu design | Dark green velvet day bed by Be Pure Home | Aleena Jamil rug by GUR (120x70cm)