31 augustus 2013

An event you don't want to miss

Flyer by Yvestown, Images fair 2012 by Barbara Groen for 101 woonideeen

Meet your favorite interior and lifestyle bloggers with a creative outlet making the most wonderful original items at the coming YVESTOWN FAIR. Stamps, plates, fabrics, wool, wood, posters, nice food, vintage, and other beauties can be found in the front garden of Yvonne from Yvestown. 
Note: there are plans to redesign the garden the coming year so it might be your last chance to visit this great event. Just a little heads up in case you are in doubt wether you should go this year....

Unfortunately the chance of meeting me there will be slim. Our time planning wasn't very good as I am due to give birth around this date. So enjoy it double, also on my behalf.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Gaaf!
    En voor jou: toi toi toi met je zwangerschap! Fijne dag!

  2. Gaaf, wat jammer dat ik die dag niet kan, klinkt superleuk! Succes met je zwangerschap, x