10 maart 2014

Be original!

I have a major thing for posters. Guess I have about twenty that I keep in seven frames (they're layered). And every so often I change the one that get's to see the glass and I get to look at. But my interest is shifting. I feel a need to be a bit more original. I never thought I would say this let alone share it with the world. I'm starting to like these dreamcatchers I spot online. Not you're average with heavy feathers but like this Beci Oprin one from Urban Outfitters. Another thing I spot that will take me some more time to grow into are the woven wall hangings. This is a rather heavy one by Cold Picnic, also available via Urban Outfitters.

1 opmerking:

  1. It's a lovely aboriginal tradition isn't it? We have this thing for Australia, so no wonder we like these dreamcatchers! xo