4 november 2016

Hello Friday... if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen!

Often when I open Pinterest an images catches my eye. Today it was this large bistro style kitchen. I would love a super long kitchen like this that was smack in the middle of all the other living spaces like dining and living room. Being connected with the family whilst preparing meals makes you add the ingredient LOVE to all your cooking. 

I've adapted this images a bit more to my own style with this 'SHOP THE LOOK' collage. Sources from both Dutch and international webshops. For me personally it needs a few design additions, some fun 'I don't take myself too serious' accessories and affordable touches of colour. 

Faucet | Design Lamp by Ontwerpduo | wooden cutting board | Brabantia pink bin | mix of flowers by Bloomon | storage containers to show on the work surface | wooden spoon 1 and 2 | stool Twig with leather top by Muubs | kitchen cloth | neon style poster

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