11 september 2018

KIDS TUESDAY... Let's head for the mountains

With the wether changing and Autumn approaching we get that 'get the house winter cosy' itch. But what to look for? It is so hard these days to find something original. When I open Instagram I see mommy bloggers working hard to get their kids all the cool items (often in a sponsored post) and this inspires other moms to get inspired and follow. What I am longing for is quirkiness, identity, uniqueness. Difficult as with Internet we have all seen it somewhere before. For this wallpaper I've looked on Spoonflower. It makes me feel that you can reach all the fun designers that normally would not be able to create a wallpaper. With a handful of colours represented in the print as my starting point it was easy to find the right accessories to decorate the room. All it needed as a finishing touch was some quirkiness. The result: a moodboard with FUN, PLAYTIME and HUMOUR. 

Wallpaper 'Call of the Mountains' | Garland Rainbow New Elements | Rectangular pillow cover Oscar Litchi 40 | Charcoal round velvet pillow cover | Poster Wilde by Pax and Hart via MioMeraki | Party Sloth pillow | Poster NORTH by Warmgrey Tail | Wallhanger in the shape of a house by ZARA Home | Spot-nik lamp Dirty Mint by Van Tjalle en Jasper

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