4 september 2018

Kids Tuesday.... step outside your comfort zone

Who needs a comfort zone when it comes to creating a kids room? Whatever you do... dstep on't ever leave the odd one out. It may just make the room. When creating this collage I was not really sure if the leopard print throw would work. That thought in itself is reason enough for me to leave it there. If I take it out and put a more plain coloured one there it would become 'expected' and therefor somewhat boring. The last thing I look for in a kids room is boring.

The bamboo fly screen is so pretty it could just as easily be a wall hanger in the room. I can imagine kids finding come peace and calm from their hectic every day lives when they are laying in bed playing with the strings.

Door curtain Bamboo Tropical | Gold metal arrow mirror | Large blue bird fringe pendant light shade | Leopard double sided quilt | Plastic rug PEMBA blush | Alder wood Nido bed by Krethaus

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