27 mei 2016

Happy Friday everybody...

I quickly fell in love with the aluminium pots with handles from SMD Design from Sweden. This beautiful minimalistic design has very well chosen colours. My first encouter with these beauties was on the website Lovely Market. When I continued to the brands site I was even more happy to find out the products name is Tivoli. The same name of the street where I grew up.
In the past I had already seen some really nice posters from Walnut & Walrus. Their wooden monkey and big hat with legs and walrus are populair decorations. Their clothes collection was still new to me. As a mother of two boys I find it very difficult to find nice sleepwear. This dino print and the colours used are perfect! In a soft beautiful organic cotton this shirt and legging makes a cosy outfit for the dreamy hours. And for the smaller kids there are onesies and bodysuits. 

My final inspiration is from Nofred. The reason why I was looking for a wooden design kids chair online had to do with a dream I had last night. In my dream I found a barely used wooden design chair next to a dumpster. I took it with me to some festival style party on a large field and after taking my eye away from my stool for a second it was gone. Dream analyzers can comment and let me know what the dream meant. For me it was 'wake up and source that amazing chair'. Couldn't find it but Nofred from Denmark didn't disappoint me with their sweet mouse style kids chair. 

Before I take off to enjoy the weekend I'll share my guilty pleasure. I love the filters on Snapchat. Make sure you look me up {Lillelykke_blog} and find out what keeps me busy. 

Have a KOEL weekend and let's catch up next Friday!

X Caroline

20 mei 2016

Not your ordinary Friday....


This will be me all day today running around town with a oversized birthday cake on my head with 41 candles. Looking forward to celebrate. And a massive congratulations to my grandmother who turns 95 today. We share the same birthday and I hope to do so for as long as she is happy to be with us. She inspires me not to feel too old at 41. 

I am off the celebrate. Hope you have a great weekend and week and see you again next Friday with a more regular Favorite Friday post. 

It's my birthday.... yay yay... it's my birthday.... yay yay....

Oh and if you want to get me something special for my birthday do support my friend in making her dream come true of launching a new magazine. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a KOEL (read as cool) group of people to fund this magazine. 

13 mei 2016

YESSS it's Friday!

The hurdle of the first week in school is taken. The early mornings we need to get used to again and no more lazy evenings like you have during the holidays. So my sentiment today says... YESSS it's Friday!

Something I loved this week. I have painted our trailer by the sea white on the inside but still flirt with the idea to add color on one wall. I am leaning towards a pale peach or coral color best represented in these rugs by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Also love the ambiance of this home created in a stable in London. Turns out it comes close to the Pantone colors of 2016.

After a few years of 'slow blogging' it is also very nice to revisit some brands I used to love. It didn't surprise me that the craftsmanship and love for wood made me fall head over heels again for Slow Wood. Here some of their new items that caught my eye. Love how timeless they are and how well you can combine these items in a designer home as well as a mid century lovers interior as in a more country style pad.

If you haven't seen it already on social media... can I make a shout out for a friend. You most likely all know her as she is the amazing Irene Hoofs from Bloesem blog. She knows how to build a brand from a passion. And now she is tapping into something new by publishing a new magazine KOEL. Find out all about KOEL by watching the video at this link.

And finally going through a BoligMagasinet coming from my sister who lives in Oslo I saw a poster from Anne Novak called Orbit Leaf. It brings me back to a textile printing technique I've been hoping to do from quite some time now. This summer I must give this a try. In addition I have added two more posters from Theposterclub.com that resemble sites I've visited this week when screening through images and inspirations on Pinterest.

Time to leave you for now. Let's catch up again next week. We're looking forward to a long weekend. They say the wether is going to turn but with all these inspirations the sun will continue to shine in our heads.

X Caroline