19 december 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - If your kid is wild you might as well give him a jungle

For some reason I was never aware that you could also buy home decorations at Debenhams. Always known it as a clothes retailer. When I saw this Pelican Table lamp from Abigail Ahern for Debenhams on Pinterest I was immediately sold. It's a velvet look design with several animals as a lamp base. Unfortunately many of them have already sold out. This gorilla is still available for the UK residents. Maybe I can convince my husband to stick one in his suitcase on his next London trip. Curious what the customs will think of that shape in a suitcase.

Hello Throw pillow via Land of Nod | Wallpaper design Jungle by Veronique de Jong at Motiflow | Muuto E27 pendant lamp yellow | Cheetah Vision designer fabric by Aimée Wilder (sold per yard) | Pax and Hart Spot poster via Leo & Bella | Abigail Ahern Blue Velvet Baboon table lamp via Debenhams | Muuto around coffee table small by Thomas Bentzen

For the younger wild child I do recommend checking out this circular wallpaper of a Mighty Jungle. A feast for your eyes and it will awake the little explorer in your kid.

18 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No 15: The fun essentials for a snow holiday with kids

If you have a ski holiday planned with the kids you night as well use the Christmas presents to make sure your kids are all decked out for the trip. As soon as you know your way around the web you will have your favourite shops lined up. It's easy to run into your local sports shop and buy them the basics. But hey... why not slide in style when it is made easy for you with this gift guide. I've got your back!

Hundred Pieces Mountain Jumper Navy Blue | Bloomingville Let it snow mug via Hudson's Bay | Lindex Beige FIX Thermal Underwear Long Johns in Merino Wool | Boden Ski Mittens on sale | KAPLA multi colour box 100 pieces (for hours of apres ski fun) | Sissy-Boy wooden Totem toy | Boden snow boots | Sticky Lemon original backpack small grass green

16 december 2017

#Seasongiftguides No14: A mix of keepsake, indulge and relax gifts

When it comes to making a Christmas wishlist I find I always look for the mix between things I need and things that feel a bit more indulge. For this Seasongiftguide I've look at keepsakes with the quote jar, relax yourself and catch up on previous issues with the bundle of Koel Magazine (on a nice offer), the Rockbox slice for some nice tunes and the Giesswein Mini pantoffle shoes. The scarf feels like indulge and it is woven in the most beautiful pattern. Am a huge fan of the Pom Amsterdam collection and love the fact that I know the founders from my home town. Another founder I've met at my kids school is Fashionoly. Are you into jewellery and a mixture of earrings than be sure to visit this site.

Make History little quote jar | Koel magazine bundle issue 1-2-3 (on offer!) | Fashionology earrings | Pom Amsterdam scarf | Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Slice wireless speaker | Geisswein ballerina slipper Mini

8 december 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - How to best bring waste back into your home

It makes me so happy to see more and more beautiful interior items produced with recycled materials.  Can you image this image below has items resourcing from elephant poop, countless plastic bottles and recycled wood. This rug by Brita Sweden feels just like a soft fabric but it is 100% recycled PET. And even IKEA has come on board with this ODGER chair. Their new collection also have a recycled wood and PET kitchen (Kungsbacka) and some amazing PS vases made from let over glass pieces. This makes every vase unique in colour and pattern.

Alvaro Catalán de Ocon PET lamp | Net anders! Dutch design art print wasp on elephant poop paper |  Piet Hein Eek Trunk tree stool | IKEA recycled chair ODGER | Britta Sweden indoor outdoor PET rug 'tiles'

If they all can keep coming up with new ways to use recycled materials combined with these great designs, I am sure we will all be very interested to buy them. After all... who wouldn't like these beauties for their home.


7 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No13: design, tradition and some affordable additions. Let's eat!

In the family I grew up in the Christmas table was always a big thing. What colour table cloth will we use, the fancy dinner plates came out of the antique corner cabinet and there were lights and candles in abundance. Some day I hope to pass on this tradition to may family. Until that day comes I still get to really enjoy my mothers last day hectics for the perfect table. Here are some items that would be a part of my ideal table. Some design, tradition (these would be my fancy dinner plates) and some affordable finds. Let's eat!

Rörstrand Ostindia Floris Bord 27 cm via &Klevering | Rörstrand Ostindia Floris bord 20 cm via & Klevering | IKEA wijnglas Intagande | Ikea waterglas Intagande |  Hay candlestand Krutter via COS | Lagerhaus placemat Natur | Zara Home Christmas tree candle

6 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No12: The best gifts for men to celebrate the outdoor lifestyle

Are you also such townspeople that you hardly ever have a true outdoor experience. Maybe it is time to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Go on hikes, do some outdoor cooking and enjoy the seasons. After all some of the old fashion things like fresh air and a bit of sunshine on your skin are hard to beat.

But townspeople like we are we may prefer to do it in style. So we have selected the best quality outdoor necessities for you designed with a real sense of style. I cannot wait to take our Cross Country Volvo to a piece of wild nature. May need to come up with a junior version of this for my two little men...

Poler Draft Jacket  | Poler Summit Trucker blue cap | Stanley classic flask | Fjallraven Raven 20 backpack via Urban Outfitters | Poler Dutch oven with lid via Blackleaf | Leatherman OHT 16 in one multi-tool | Crow Canyon spatterware enamel mug 

4 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No11: Let's not forget about our darling, devoted, loyal men

When it comes to a Christmas gift for a man I usually get a bit stuck. Mainly because there is hardly ever a 'wish list' available. So what did I do? I turned to my sister who lives in Oslo. Living in the heart of Scandinavia and being a wife and mother of two boys she can surely kickstart these men gift guides. She quickly found the right shops for inspiration found a great selection of gifts.

What would I like to add to this great list for advise? Think about what they like to do. Or... what you would like them to do. If you want proper cooked meet in summer get a rustic bbq book. Or encourage them to be a more outdoors person. You will likely succeed with these great items in the outdoor selection. I love the quality of all product in the list below. Leave it up to the Scandinavian to choose quality over quantity.

Hestra deerskin gloves from the Sport Classic collection | Woodland Stood Merino wool men's pants |   Johaug fold beanie via Anton Sport in Norway | Kindfolk the Entrepreneur book | Lost in Stockholm travel guide magazine | Stanley adventure shot glass set via Grandpa Store | Hem Pomme made by Hem-Design (from the off cut materials of the Slice desk organiser)