28 april 2017

Hello Friday... we have our eye caught on some good design

With the Danish poster brand ViSSEVASSE I am never sure if I love their prints or if I am drawn to them as I see them so often in great designed spaces. I think I love them but they don't really fit into my own home. There is something about them that works like a magnet. In the same way I was immediately drawn to this wallpaper. Normally the prints I go for are much more outspoken. But this almost mens shirt like pattern looks pretty amazing. Combined with a delicate pendant lamp and a minimalistic floor lamp makes this a good design. 

Tres Tintas Barcelona wallpaper | Chantilly Suspension light | Five Floor Lamp by New Works | The girl in the red dress poster by Vissevasse | Gloriosa Superba poster by Vissevasse | Fest Amsterdam sofa Kate  

25 april 2017

Kids Tuesday... a splash of colour goes a long way

I love it how a collage comes together. It all starts with one item I come across either on Internet in general, Pinterest or Instagram. If the light switch in my head goes on it's the start of a collage. For this one it was the speckled wallpaper. From there I build layer after layer until happy to present the inspiration to you.

Speckled wallpaper | ByAlex cushion | Little Dorm wallshelf by Ferm Living | Small Sophie floor lamp | Belear home dolce vita pink by Nobodinoz | Chambray longsleeve dress by Corby Tindersticks | Lighthink box by Seletti

I am definately a fan of the ByAlex items. Love the fabric choice and the details like that little tassel. Bonus is that it has a quick clean option if you have spills. The rug is by Brita Sweden and is made from recycled PET bottles. You should feel it as it is incredibly soft. Feels just like fabric. Add some new classics such as the Ferm Living little dorm wallhanger and the Slim Sophie floorlamp and you have an amazing room.

21 april 2017

Hello Friday... Dare to be different!

This may take a bit of a dare because of the bold prints and the vibrant orange. But how can you not fall instantly in love with this large throw by Slowdown studio. Maybe if you repeat the seeds print in the wallpaper and combine some of the colours in the rest of the styling you can tone down the madness a bit. But honestly... who would want to. With a design like this you are looking to be different and to stand out. In a good way.

Wallpaper Seeds by Jimmy Cricket | Wallpaper confetti rose by Ferm LIVING | Dorsey Throw by Slowdown Studio | Pom Amsterdam pillow Colourdrops coral | Kip and Co Tassel Throw | Pom Amsterdam pillow Colourdrops blue | Eric Trine + Dusen Dusen Outdoor sofa

18 april 2017

Kids Tuesday.... Where the cool kids hang out

My kids are still young ones but I often think what would be a nice room for an older boy? I so hope my kids won't come home saying I want a soccor room mom. Although I did write a cool inspiration blog about that for an online platform once. I would prefer to stick with great finds and solid good brands to create a special place. A fun room where the cool kids can hang out.

Wallpaper Palm Jungle blue by Cole and Son | Surfing bear poster | Close up print insect by Liljebergs | Snowpuppe moth lamp yellow | Affordable floor lamp | Muuto dots yellow | Areaware wooden robots | WOOOD wall shelves | Rachel Castle pillowcase | Dip dye curtains

14 april 2017

Hello Friday.... things we like, things we love

Why are the things we like always affordable and the things we love just out of reach of my wallet. It brings me to dispair at times. Luckily companies such as IKEA help out with collabs with designers and nice new collections. My plan is to combine the things I like and the things I love and to create a happy home. Sources from different continents such as Japanese fabric, an Australian throw and an American pillow. Let's have an international nest.

Fabric by Nani IRO | Muuto storage basket | Mena Throw by Cotton On | Back in lightbox by TYPO | Foscarini Binic Table lamp | Stockholm 2017 Fauteuil by IKEA | I love you so pillow by Natti Natti | Wallpaper mineral 4220 by Boras Tapeter

11 april 2017

Kids Tuesday... as if I am drawn to my wild side

Want a room that stands out from the rest but don't really know where to start? My suggestion is start with a killer cool wallpaper. Like this 'Jungle dream'.
I'm a fan of LiveLoudGirl (as she knows) and I watched her MyStories last week where she gave a sneak preview on a wallpaper she was putting up for the boys. I loved the one she showed for the print but I wanted something with a more white background tone.

Party lights | Wallpaper Jungle Dream by Aimee Wilder | Pax and Hart Sir Scout poster | Stay Weird print by Blacklist shop | Menu Afteroom coat rack | Round spotted cotton rug by H&M | A little lovely company Neon style lightning bolt light | ByAlex playmat Velvet brown | Decoris plastic (garden) chair in taupe

So after being inspired by hers and my previous 'sloth' wallpaper the search continued. Leading me to this amazing wallpaper by Aimee Wilder called Jungle Dream. After the wallpaper box is ticked off you need lighting. I've gone for one of those strings with party lights. And than the playmat. I hear you thinking... my teenage boy with a playmat? Mums, all kids need a relax corner and this has a washable cover! Put it over a daybed and you're done! Nice to say a it can be a reading nook but let's keep it real there will be either an iPad or Playstation involved. As for the chair. I am in love. A pretty and traditional design with the modern day looks and comfort of it being plastic and therefor easy to clean. I love this little room and can see it come to life when I close my eyes.

7 april 2017

Hello Friday.... enough hibernation let's go outside!

We love to spend time at our #glampingouddorp hide away by the Dutch coast. So when I came across this image by Ruth Hengeveld (she made it for an illustration competition in 2014) I was triggered to look for some fun and stylish campsite items. And these items made it on my wish list (easily!). The EDDYBOY outdoor sofa can be connected to your central heating system making it the most comfortable thing ever. A comfortable place to sit and watch my kids have hours of fun with this AquaFlow water play, or while they sit and enjoy a little picnic at this Fermob Children's Picnic hut or as they cycle round and round on this bananarama veloretti kids bike. Image Ruth Hengeveld | EDDYBOY sofa | Brita Sweden Helmi outdoor rug | Fermob Children's Picnic hut | AquaFlow waterplay | Maxi Bananarama kids bike by Veloretti

Do you know the saying 'the best things in life are free'. I agree, a smile, a hug or a sunny day don't have a price tag. But there are so many more nice things in life that somehow do have a hefty price tag. If only they were free as well.