- about us -

Blogging since 2008 I cannot image my life not partially taking place online. My motto has always been 'I aim to inspire'. It quickly became a full time blog with an audience and media attention. When sponsors came along I lost my sparkle a bit. Plus I became a mom (twice) and most of my time was spend there. Add the slight distraction of an expat episode in Singapore and you have a three year blog gap.

Being back in my office since 2016 I am keen to share inspirations, good buys and overall favorite items I source online. I wanted to do something new so I chose to post in collage style. All to be posted every Favorite Friday. In addition I have created a kids room Tuesday. My passion is styling kids room so that was an expected addition. Creating that comforting space that is also fun to be in. That offers rest time and play time in a sweet balance. 

My focus for my collages is combining timeless design with the affordable finds and add some quirky finds. All with a touch of humour as I find that so important in a home. I make them mainly based on an inspiration by a photo or one product. From there I style the rest around it. Am also happy to receive requests as long as they fit in my 'pallet'. 

Want to know what I am doing the rest of the week. There is a lot of mothering involved as you can see on Instagram. And I am working under Favourite Friday label as a creative freelancer for several companies. There I curate shopping pages, write newsletters, maintain Instagram accounts and work as a guest blogger. 

That's it in a nut shell. Hope to see you next Kids Tuesday or Hello Friday!

X Caroline