27 december 2013

I love a good sale

Sometimes I wish I was at a place where it was a little bit colder. Like when the SALE starts at Mini Rodini. Love their SKI TEE, the Star sweatpant and the biker zip hoodie. And the funny thing is that here in Singapore all stores are filled with warm winter clothes.
On Boxing day many of the sales begin and you can really find some good deals around. Next year we'll have 'ceremonial' presents under the tree and a shopping spree on boxing day! You can bring me all over the world but being Dutch I still love a good bargain.

17 december 2013

Have you started wrapping presents yet?

You may want to look into some of these great gift tags....
We're going for Marks and Spencer christmas wrap combined with white with little stars and neon orange. But for next year I'll definately keep these tags in mind. For all those enjoying the black and white look at the moment... these are perfect!
Gold and black tags by CreativeIndex

Black and white by Studio Hey Look from Finland

13 december 2013

Meet HOME-WORK (in the making)

There will be a new kid on the block in Australia, HOME-WORK. Beautiful products of fabrics designed by Lara Davies and Jess Wright and all printed and produced in Melbourne Australia. Personally I totally fell in love with their 'Scrarabian Nights' pillowcases and the gold foil toilet bag.
In order to not take to much risk in with this new venture Lara and Jess had opened an account on Pozible, a crowdfunding creativity site. You could place your pre-orders of your favorites products. This would guarantee them quick payments to their suppliers and a way to fund the expensive start up costs of printing. A great idea as not only do you create funding, you also create a buzz and a group of ambassadors for your new brand.
As production is in full swing at the moment all we can do is sign up for the newletter, follow on Instagram for behind the scenes photos and WAIT.

12 december 2013

They keep popping up on my screen around Christmas

The pretty Kahler Christmas tree candles and new candles keep popping up on my screen around Christmas. Love the Avvento shape, size and how they come with the cute skinny candles. Love that there are new colors added to the collection such as white and shades of grey. And the new Candelina candles have amazing shapes and colors that you can just use all year around. So make sure you find a Kahler Design retailer close to you and go and look, feel and admire. 

9 december 2013

PART TWO - HELLO WORLD some of our favorites for your kids

It's time for part TWO. Hopefully by the time we get to Christmas I've managed to do FOUR and we'll call it my weekly advent (only sometimes Christmas as well as these posts has to come early otherwise you cannot get your shopping under the tree in time...). The thing we deal with phieuw!

1. clothes by Littlephant for Lindex (Sweden)
2. Cute and comfortable outfits for kids to wear at the Christmas table by Mothercare (UK & Sg)
3. So admire this success story from Freshly Picked. Make sure you get your kid some mocs. (USA)
4. Just launched... Zilverblauw wallpaper designed by my dear friend Anki. Check out her blog for more pictures and the Hexagonal design. (Netherlands)

3 december 2013

PART ONE - HELLO WORLD all time favorites for your wishlist

Every year around Christmas I get asked what I would like for a present. Often I write down something that can only be bought online. Most of the times I don't get those things. Now that I live in Singapore any present needs to be shipped anyways. So I thought I might as well put down my HELLO WORLD all time favorites. After all, good design doesn't always have to come from your local shop. I've searched internationally and came up with some real gems.

Here's part ONE. Cause let's be honest... there are so many good things you can find online. I hope to be back with more later this week. Stay posted...

1. cushions DAN300 Group (Australia)
2. bunting and cushion by Place de Bleu (Denmark)
3. wool throws by Rosenbergh Cph (Denmark)
4. amazing posters with great messages by I love my type (Denmark)

< Please note that my HELLO WORLD favorites are no sponsored posts >

2 december 2013

A december project to follow: Winter Animals by Zilverblauw

Here's a project to follow and join if you've gone creative decorating with your little fake animals. It is by my lovely blogger friend Anki from Zilverblauw can called Winter Animals.
She made this little deer and inspired so many others to also get creative. Now she is collecting all those creations on her blog. A lovely collection already and still growing. So if you want to join... I'm definately tempted to add one or two in the next week.