14 december 2016

Hello Friday.... oeps Wednesday (don't want to wait).... a gift guide

I love presents. I love buying them, I love wrapping them beautifully and I love receiving them. Here are some suggestions for your wish list to Santa. Selected a bit for the home, some decorations and some beautiful treats like the art bag. I sure hope you like them. The mug with the small hearts would be for me. I regret not buying one when visiting my sister who lives in Oslo. Maybe I didn't so I would have a reason to go back soon. 

Design Letters Arne Jacobsen mugs L and M | Holiday show scene wrapping sheet RIFLE PAPER (I use this as a poster) | Superliving Dynamo lamp | 13 cm wall hook by Bloomingville | Art bag in petrol ice blue by Make History | Kids apron that you can colour in from Smallable | Big mug with small hearts from KID | 60 cm orange paper star by Dille & Kamille

2 december 2016

Hello Friday... we're in the month of celebration

Leather look star garland from Numero74 |  Glasilium vases with wall hanger by Scandinaviaform | Modern Christmas posters (branches and beer) by Juniqe | Up all night light by Lagerhaus (also ideal for New Years)I really like the month of December. My mom (who I love dearly) gets all hectic about all the things that need to be done. Recipes, pre-cooking, gifts, how to decorate the table. What day at their house and when with the in-laws? It must be the comfort of knowing we all have dinner at my parents house that makes my preparations more relaxed. Some day mom it'll be my turn... Decoration wise I want to keep things a bit calm this year. We don't have a large living space and share this with our adorable two blonde boys who come with a truckload of toys. There is enough going on in our living room. But there will be decorations! I have fallen head over heals in love with the posters I found on Juniqe. Definitely want the branches one. Curious to hear what your Christmas decor will look like. Will it be a DIY or do you shop at one of the large garden centers. Which ever one it is... as long as it brings the spirit of Christmas.