19 december 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - If your kid is wild you might as well give him a jungle

For some reason I was never aware that you could also buy home decorations at Debenhams. Always known it as a clothes retailer. When I saw this Pelican Table lamp from Abigail Ahern for Debenhams on Pinterest I was immediately sold. It's a velvet look design with several animals as a lamp base. Unfortunately many of them have already sold out. This gorilla is still available for the UK residents. Maybe I can convince my husband to stick one in his suitcase on his next London trip. Curious what the customs will think of that shape in a suitcase.

Hello Throw pillow via Land of Nod | Wallpaper design Jungle by Veronique de Jong at Motiflow | Muuto E27 pendant lamp yellow | Cheetah Vision designer fabric by Aimée Wilder (sold per yard) | Pax and Hart Spot poster via Leo & Bella | Abigail Ahern Blue Velvet Baboon table lamp via Debenhams | Muuto around coffee table small by Thomas Bentzen

For the younger wild child I do recommend checking out this circular wallpaper of a Mighty Jungle. A feast for your eyes and it will awake the little explorer in your kid.

18 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No 15: The fun essentials for a snow holiday with kids

If you have a ski holiday planned with the kids you night as well use the Christmas presents to make sure your kids are all decked out for the trip. As soon as you know your way around the web you will have your favourite shops lined up. It's easy to run into your local sports shop and buy them the basics. But hey... why not slide in style when it is made easy for you with this gift guide. I've got your back!

Hundred Pieces Mountain Jumper Navy Blue | Bloomingville Let it snow mug via Hudson's Bay | Lindex Beige FIX Thermal Underwear Long Johns in Merino Wool | Boden Ski Mittens on sale | KAPLA multi colour box 100 pieces (for hours of apres ski fun) | Sissy-Boy wooden Totem toy | Boden snow boots | Sticky Lemon original backpack small grass green

16 december 2017

#Seasongiftguides No14: A mix of keepsake, indulge and relax gifts

When it comes to making a Christmas wishlist I find I always look for the mix between things I need and things that feel a bit more indulge. For this Seasongiftguide I've look at keepsakes with the quote jar, relax yourself and catch up on previous issues with the bundle of Koel Magazine (on a nice offer), the Rockbox slice for some nice tunes and the Giesswein Mini pantoffle shoes. The scarf feels like indulge and it is woven in the most beautiful pattern. Am a huge fan of the Pom Amsterdam collection and love the fact that I know the founders from my home town. Another founder I've met at my kids school is Fashionoly. Are you into jewellery and a mixture of earrings than be sure to visit this site.

Make History little quote jar | Koel magazine bundle issue 1-2-3 (on offer!) | Fashionology earrings | Pom Amsterdam scarf | Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Slice wireless speaker | Geisswein ballerina slipper Mini

8 december 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - How to best bring waste back into your home

It makes me so happy to see more and more beautiful interior items produced with recycled materials.  Can you image this image below has items resourcing from elephant poop, countless plastic bottles and recycled wood. This rug by Brita Sweden feels just like a soft fabric but it is 100% recycled PET. And even IKEA has come on board with this ODGER chair. Their new collection also have a recycled wood and PET kitchen (Kungsbacka) and some amazing PS vases made from let over glass pieces. This makes every vase unique in colour and pattern.

Alvaro Catalán de Ocon PET lamp | Net anders! Dutch design art print wasp on elephant poop paper |  Piet Hein Eek Trunk tree stool | IKEA recycled chair ODGER | Britta Sweden indoor outdoor PET rug 'tiles'

If they all can keep coming up with new ways to use recycled materials combined with these great designs, I am sure we will all be very interested to buy them. After all... who wouldn't like these beauties for their home.


7 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No13: design, tradition and some affordable additions. Let's eat!

In the family I grew up in the Christmas table was always a big thing. What colour table cloth will we use, the fancy dinner plates came out of the antique corner cabinet and there were lights and candles in abundance. Some day I hope to pass on this tradition to may family. Until that day comes I still get to really enjoy my mothers last day hectics for the perfect table. Here are some items that would be a part of my ideal table. Some design, tradition (these would be my fancy dinner plates) and some affordable finds. Let's eat!

Rörstrand Ostindia Floris Bord 27 cm via &Klevering | Rörstrand Ostindia Floris bord 20 cm via & Klevering | IKEA wijnglas Intagande | Ikea waterglas Intagande |  Hay candlestand Krutter via COS | Lagerhaus placemat Natur | Zara Home Christmas tree candle

6 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No12: The best gifts for men to celebrate the outdoor lifestyle

Are you also such townspeople that you hardly ever have a true outdoor experience. Maybe it is time to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Go on hikes, do some outdoor cooking and enjoy the seasons. After all some of the old fashion things like fresh air and a bit of sunshine on your skin are hard to beat.

But townspeople like we are we may prefer to do it in style. So we have selected the best quality outdoor necessities for you designed with a real sense of style. I cannot wait to take our Cross Country Volvo to a piece of wild nature. May need to come up with a junior version of this for my two little men...

Poler Draft Jacket  | Poler Summit Trucker blue cap | Stanley classic flask | Fjallraven Raven 20 backpack via Urban Outfitters | Poler Dutch oven with lid via Blackleaf | Leatherman OHT 16 in one multi-tool | Crow Canyon spatterware enamel mug 

4 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No11: Let's not forget about our darling, devoted, loyal men

When it comes to a Christmas gift for a man I usually get a bit stuck. Mainly because there is hardly ever a 'wish list' available. So what did I do? I turned to my sister who lives in Oslo. Living in the heart of Scandinavia and being a wife and mother of two boys she can surely kickstart these men gift guides. She quickly found the right shops for inspiration found a great selection of gifts.

What would I like to add to this great list for advise? Think about what they like to do. Or... what you would like them to do. If you want proper cooked meet in summer get a rustic bbq book. Or encourage them to be a more outdoors person. You will likely succeed with these great items in the outdoor selection. I love the quality of all product in the list below. Leave it up to the Scandinavian to choose quality over quantity.

Hestra deerskin gloves from the Sport Classic collection | Woodland Stood Merino wool men's pants |   Johaug fold beanie via Anton Sport in Norway | Kindfolk the Entrepreneur book | Lost in Stockholm travel guide magazine | Stanley adventure shot glass set via Grandpa Store | Hem Pomme made by Hem-Design (from the off cut materials of the Slice desk organiser)

29 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No10: A mix of decor, play and comfort we love

Oh I could just loose myself in these pyjamas with a matching duvet set. The good thing is I can as they have both a kids and an adult version of the PJ's. In case you wish to hop on the new Instagram trend of family pyjamas. Not sure I'll join but if you are keen make sure you also look into Snurk account as they have several to choose from.

Lion mane head by Meri Meri | Goldfish paper lantern by Studio Pop Object | Cameleon soft toy by Jellycat | Single duvet set Swansy by Sleepy Doe | Matching Swansy pyjama set by Sleepy Doe | Cushion Leaf brown by Donna Wilson | Ted & Tone fabric storage basket | Swan mobile by Konges Sløjd | Beige slofjes by Bergstein

28 november 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - It's a jungle of a little kids room

The pioneers of the deep and dark colours have done a great job as I have already fully adapted to them and would love to use these tones in a kids room. Wether it is for a boy or a girl with a canopy above the bed you create a comfortable little nook that they will love to spend time. The little blanket is not just for warmth but also suitable for decoration. I love the wild animals woven into this lovely blanket. With the bedding from OYOY you will create the illusion of a night sky filled with stars.

Vita Cannonball cluster 3 pendant lamps | Numero 74 canope gold | Into the jungle mini blanket by Calhoun & Co | Born to be wild poster via Denesio | Tablo Table by Normann Copenhagen | Jellycat sloth soft cuddly toy | OYOY bedding starry navy blue

We have spotted many more items that would go great in a modern day Jungle themed kids room. Way too many to share in one collage. Here are some we feel you shouldn't miss out on...

Have you already spotted the circular wallpaper by Hartendief called Mighty Jungle. It will have you searching for animals for sure. Another thing you can not have enough of in a kids room is storage. Themed storage baskets can create even more fun atmosphere like this elephant or kangaroo by Rice. And are you looking for more foliage of the jungle than I would suggest you combine your decorations with either this wallpaper or this lovely washable Monstera Leaf rug.

27 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No9: Welcome to the world and enjoy your first Christmas

A babies first Christmas is always something great. There will most like be a cheesy Christmasball present in the tree and a very pretty dress up outfit. After all it's Christmas and the cheesier the merrier if you ask me. I've selected a few pretty toys for the little ones to place under the Christmas tree. Don't feel disappointed if they are more interested in the wrapping paper. That is just how it goes.

Lemon pram toy by Konges Sløjd | Snowglobe XL flamingo via Sissy-Boy | Oeuf NYC gold crown | Liewood Bertil wooden rattle (coming soon) | Big stuffed Granma Giant Whale | Donsje Amsterdam Little Mouse shoes with Kapi lining | Numero 74 cotton ball in grey blue tone

24 november 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - A new Scandinavian style I am growing to love

Looking at blogs, going through Instagram accounts and sourcing inspiration on Pinterest I see more and more of it. A beautiful mix of the old style and the new with the use of deep tones. All complimented with an often abundantly decorated wallpaper. It is very much a tribute to the old traditional Scandinavian interior. I personally very much the revival of the Thonet chairs. They are so beautifully shaped and will fit many interior styles.

Unfortunately I am not brave enough to paint my walls red. This colour (wine red) was lingering in my mind only I found it difficult to get the colour right. Think this velvet pillow comes very close to what I was thinking about. However, a full red wall comes across as a bit aggressive so maybe a wallpaper is a better idea. Like this Cole and Son one.

Velvet cushion Tandoori Spice by Madam Stoltz | Birdie nam nam black cushion cover by House of Rym | Cole and Son Mariinsky Damask wallpaper Pushkin 108/8039 | Tonone Bolt table lamp in orange | Papilio Deiphobus butterfly photo art print by Liljebergs | Venice Thonet no9 chair by Fameg

Not all items made the cut of the final design. These items below would fit great in this atmosphere and deserve a spotlight. Curious about the brands... check out my @lillelykkeblog Instagram account.

Looking for a new idea for your home?
No matter where in the world you live... we can design that special room for you and your loved ones.
Feel free to ask us (no strings attached) about our e-design offers.

23 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No8: Driving home for Christmas where I decorated in style

I love these colour combinations. Christmas is often a time of 'over decorating'. When you visit Scandinavia (we were in Oslo this time of year last year) you will find that they to things different. Put your focus on colour and material and keep things based on quality and not on quantity the effect is huge.

Hanging tea light deco brass by Ferm Living (coming soon) | Meri Meri garland silver and gold shapes | Madam Stoltz candle stand star shape 20 cm | Madam Stoltz honeycomb copper hanger | Madam Stoltz honeycomb pink hanger tree | Forge Creative trees (several shapes and types of wood available) | Cinema no 12 poster Driving home for Christmas via Juniqe

22 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No7: This time it is not about the kids, it is about me and you

So these gift guides. They shouldn't just be about the kids. Maybe that is the way it usually goes. When presents are collected for Christmas I always first think about the kids. My bad as there are also so many fun things to gather and collect for myself. And yes... I can be influenced. The Muuto tray on sturdy legs has been shown several times in my Instagram feed and I do love it.

Towel hangers by Ferm LIVING via NordicBlends | Standing Kalender 2018 via Kleur op tafel | Bloomingville plant holder via Deens.nl | Himla bed spread Hannelin Harmony via Bolina.no | No27: Orange Cardamon candle by P.F. Candle Co | Muuto platform tray via Mister Design

21 november 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - When styling neutral why not go bold with pattern

When styling a kidsroom in very neutral tones to need to be careful. As you don't want it to be boring or everything to blend in so much that it ends up getting lost. So why not go bold on a few patterns. I've chosen products from some amazing designers that will add that fun element to room. And add lots and lots of character and texture. I hope you like it. Make sure you visit the House of Rym site as they have some pretty awesome new products coming.

Cloud wall lamp Konges Sløjd via Lidor | Paper baskets for storage by Krethaus Design | Wallpaper Palm me down by House of Rym | Go uncover blanket by House of Rym | Nido bed 190 x 90 cm by Krethaus Design | Full Moon new elements playmat by Nobodinoz via Lidor

20 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No6: Fun guaranteed for young boys

As a mom of boys my eyes drift off to boys gifts first. When it comes to my double trouble they are fan of toy cars, running, building and racing. It's that age I guess... These are gifts I would give them in a heart beat. Some exploring, some cooking, some construction, some pretend play, something to keep them warm in style and a beautiful lamp to enter the world of sweet dreams.

Pirates magnified book (wrong language for us but so much to explore it wouldn't matter) | Woody designer toy car by Candlelab Toys | Black fish paper lantern (available in many colours and several sea creatures) | Go Soaky waterproof mittens | Fantasy Forts modern modular hut building |  What's cooking kids apron by Sissy-Boy Homeland |  Fun cookie cutters in boy themes (many more in this theme and many other themes) | Snurk Dino Sweater from their Horizontal wear collection | Magna-Tiles Cars 2 piece expansion set (we need this!) | Dinosaur dress up tail via Sissy-Boy Homeland

17 november 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - My take on a modern version of the Art Deco style

How to create an e-design and a post about an upcoming interior trend that I know hardly anything about? I've actually had to google the clear difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Just being honest here... But it is when I step out of my comfort zone that I start to learn, find new brands and styles and actually feel challenged to make something unique.
These lamps of thin wired metal are a dream. They are very large size and will be an amazing sculpture in any room. The other lamp is more a art gallery piece but I had to share it. What's not to love right? And this style has won me over with find of the poster. Found it on Juniqe created by a Brazilian product designer called Rodrigo Pinheiro. It's Venus having a moment with a milkshake. I like humour in an interior and this brings just that.

Zelda art deco wallpaper mural | Venus Chillout poster via Juniqe | Vibia wireflow lamp | Bolia sofa Grace | Guéridon U object by Granville Gallery

15 november 2017

#SEASONSGIFTGUIDES No5: Suitable for Christmas as well as the rest of the year

Last year we visited Oslo early December to catch up with family and soak up the Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere. One of the shops that curates a beautiful collection and has an inspirational atmosphere is Bolina. You can visit this shop online but when in Oslo to take the trouble to go here (in Stabekk) as it is very much worth the effort. To stay in the Scandinavian atmosphere I've looked at brands I have loved ever since I had my own online shop already six years ago and that fit well in the Bolina style.

Bohemian all seeing eye ornament | Walther and Co Hanging Ferm leaf | Sirius Home Star via Bolina | Decorative cushion Pine no Whine by House of Rym | Hanging adventure mobile by House of Rym 

14 november 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - An adventure room with a crisp clean Scandinavian look

During our series of #SEASONGIFTGUIDES filled with gift inspirations for the holiday season we still will stick to our Kids Tuesday and our Hello Friday. 
So it is time for another fun kids room inspiration. 

This time I've gone for the monochrome (still very much an existing trend), clean Scandinavian look with a Outdoor mountain cabin feel. The wallpaper with a grey tone on a feature wall gives a good starting point. If floors still need to be layed I'd go for a dark wood colour for a wood cabin feel. A comfortable rug will make sure you leave your bed with an instant warm and fussy feeling at your feet. Invest in quality and style like for instance the choice for this Rafa Kids teen bed. 

Wallpaper Terrazzo by Ferm Living | Wool rug with geometric print by Zara Home | HK Living rope lamp | Round face cushion by Sissy-Boy Homeland | Tree Hoppers Toys landscape blocks | Tree Hopper Toys alphabet wall art | Rafa Kids A90 teen bed | Liewood bedding Indiana

Again a cute room idea I am very excited about. If you would like some help with your room let me know. And if you decide to take this look on board do sure you share the results on social media with #lillelykkeblog or drop me an email. I can't wait to see it.

13 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No4: Splurge on items that may become a keepsake treasure

Let's continue this #seasonsgiftguides as I feel I am on a roll. But to make sure I don't loose my Hello Friday and Kids Tuesday friends I will post these gift guides on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. So many blog posts to look forward to in the coming month. For this gift guide I've looked at neutral colours, pretty items you can treasure and blushing colour accents. Hope you love it.

Maileg Guardian hero mouse (comes in a suitcase) | Donsje Amsterdam bear pouch | Lucie Kaas clown rose | Check Ivory Small House cushion by Camomile London | Le Tigre art print by Rylee and Cru | Liewood bedding light grey with paper plane print | House Doctor poof via Hus & Hem shop

9 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No3: Christmas decor for kids that will make your heart melt

Did you make plans to create a little advent calendar for the kids? Always good fun but what to get right? I have come across some really cute items for Christmas in the kids collections. And many of them can still be used in the days after Christmas for some fun play or decor in the kids room.

OyOy MINI Sweet Pretzel Cushion | OyOy MINI Christmas mobile | Maileg Christmas Angel Mouse in Stocking | IKEA Christmas baking shapes | IKEA Christmas Stråla LED bear lamp | Meri Meri reindeer trophy | Elf on the shelf (a must have for memorable Christmas traditions)

 - Do you have items you wish to suggest for our next gift guide please leave a comment below -

8 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No2: Escape the ordinary and reach for the stars

Let the countdown for the festive season begin. And with international online shopping we need to take some shipping time into account. Smaller shops with the most original best gifts also need the time to keep up with orders. So I cannot stress enough... if you want something unique, get in there now.

The first gift guide was a bit girls orientated. So I could not leave out the boys (being a boys mum myself) so here is one for them. This gift guide has some of my favourite brands and designers as well as some new discoveries. It is very much astronaut, constellation, stars orientated. When it comes to kids this helps them feed their imagination and allows them to dream about big BIG adventures. It gives an adventurous yet sweet theme to a room.

To the moon embroidery ring by Silly et Billy | Roxy Marj custom made name pennants | Numero 74 stars garland | Heptic lab constellation quilt via Norman & Jules | Astronaut bedding by SNURK via Coockoland | Meri Meri space clothes transfers via Melijoe | Galaxy Rocket Adventure cape by Seedling | Wood and Yarn toys balancing game via Etsy

 - Do you have items you wish to suggest for our next gift guide please leave a comment below -

7 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No1: A double the fun start for the holiday season gift guides

Is it too early to start with suggestions for the Christmas stockings? No I think you need to gather and collect ideas all year long. And we in the Netherlands also have Sinterklaas on the 5th of December as an added bonus. So there can never be enough ideas and suggestions for gifts if you ask me.

We took our boys to a toy shop this weekend to get an idea of that they are looking for. Unfortunately there is no soul in the toys sold there. I am sure there will be joy as a result of them but those toys will not make my gift guide. Here is what did make it to start with.

Maileg dollhouse with furniture | Numer 74 Luna Starwand | Jess Brown & Atsuyo Et Akiko Le Start Tutu handmade doll | Crane art print by Rifle paper and co | Silly&Billy embroidery frame | Pompon Petillant coluillage cushion 


24 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - A modern designer jungle room

What happens when you combine romance with a bit of jungle toughness and bold colours... you get this amazing jungle themed girls room. My hands are itching so if anyone needs to have this let me know.

My starting point was a completely different wallpaper. When I came across this romantic framed tiger it was exactly what I was looking for to give the room the surprise factor. Graceful tigers wearing a little crown. What more do you need to make a girl happy.

From there I've looked at combining fabric materials in the accessories and choose some bold colours. After all my motto is 'Go bold, choose special and combine'.

Pillowcase flowers by Castle and Things | Pillow case butterscotch velvet by Castle and Things | Tilt floor lamp orange Faces by Colonel | Cheetah tufted rug by Aelfie | Smarties velvet pillows by Mushkane | Wallpaper Wild at Heart by Spoonflower

15 oktober 2017

What caught my eye on Pinterest - week 41

It's October and by the way I am selecting colours on Pinterest you can tell we are headed towards she shorter days of winter. I am looking at deep dusty tones and fun accents of blush pink. Not looking for trends, just for what combines well and makes my heart skip a beat. I hope you are looking forward to winter just as much as I am. Want to see more of the images like above or find these in my feed... click here.

13 oktober 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - Some seriously good kitchen goals

For years and years the kitchen was a place that had to be functional. Ok, there was a choice of coloured door fronts and if you were adventurous you may have taken a coloured back splash. But still a kitchen was a kitchen and function was the main priority. If I would redesign a kitchen I would go about it completely different. Of cours function is still important but a kitchen is often the heart of a home. So it needs style!! There are some of my kitchen goals.
Ceiling lamp Gentile Oro by Masca | Metal decoration hanger by Madam Stoltz via Deens | Retro ceiling lamp by Madam Stoltz via Deens | Casa petal blush tiles by marrakechdesign | Kohler Purist Matte black kitchen sink faucet | Serax brown tableware

10 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - bedroom ideas for a boho chique young girl

As a mother of boys I sometimes dream about styling a pretty girls room. But not too sweet and blushing. It needs some BAM. I have taken some popular brands such as Mrs Mighetto, Numero 74, Hartendief and Fiona Walker and styled them for a boho chique young girl. Let me know what you love about it or what could be missed for as far as you are concerned. 

Wallpaper Mineral 4220 by Boras Tapeter | Maryam Macrame Fringe banner by Urban Outfitters | Fiona Walker heads flamingo | Numero74 Luna crown via Lidor | Copper stars wall stickers by Hartendief | Sweet Dreams wall lamp by Hartendief | Wall Friend Miss Astrid by Mrs Mighetto | Beadhead by The Family Love Tree

6 oktober 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - still in my blue and green mood

It's green everywhere you look. Fashion and interior this colour dominates the shelves. The thing I love about green is that it comes in so many different shades. This also makes it very challenging to choose the right colour to paint a wall. I have this problem now as I would like to paint a wall dark green but haven't found the right colour yet. Am hopeful I will succeed at the VT Wonen Woon en Design beurs the coming week.

Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder | Ella lamp by Tonone | Poster by Hôtel Magique | Vase by Ferm Living | Dried flowers by The Life Factory | Fragment of side table by Harto Design

3 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - Blue and blush for fun loving edgy girls

I am in love with the items by Lorena Canals. I love the bold use of colour. The up to date design and the fact that you can machine wash many of their items. For this little girls room I have taken the wall hanging as the start of my design. Combined with the blush tones and sweet swans the blue gives a contrast with just the right edge. I'm in love.

Gym hook by HAY | Wall hanging Lorena Canals (washable!!!) | Wallpaper Hibou Home | Sheepskin blue by Kwantum | Rug blue by Lorena Canals (washable!!!)

22 september 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - As autumn is approaching I am longing for darkness

I am not sure what it is but at the moment I keep pinning dark walls, dark furniture, dark kitchens. Mostly in a colour scheme of blues and greens. Must be autumn kicking in. Or wait, wouldn't I be influenced by orange, yellows and reds? I googled one of my current favourite colours and it came up as the colour of the year 2015. That makes me feel old knowing that I am no longer 'ahead' in trend. At the same time a colour on your wall should never be about trend. It should be about comfort. So ignore trends and embrace the colours you love. For me it is 'the darkness'... The blue is already on my wall and I've added the leaves this week. All I need is the designer sofa (keep collecting coins for a while) and the dark prints (very affordable).

Wallpaper palm leaves | Wall art leftmiddleright | AJ Floor lamp by Louis Poulsen | Husk Sofa by B&B Italia | Vintage green Beni rug


19 september 2017

After getting some new wallpaper for my living room and seeing a very inspirational kids room on a blog (in Dutch so use translate if needed) last week I decided to go for a modern jungle themed kids room. Just hints of jungle. You can finish the theme off with books and bedding if you wish to go all the way.

String of lights (I bought mine here and added these lamps) | Neon heart | wallpaper | hippo storage basket | charcoal tipi tent | rug beni look a like

On Friday I have a 'grown up' version with usage of this wallpaper and wall colour. It is inspired from my living room after all... Now I must go and take my two rolls of wallpaper and get going. Can't wait to see this on the wall.

17 september 2017

What caught my eye on Pinterest - week 38

I can't say how regular yet but I am looking forward to sharing my Pinterest inspirations with you all. It shows a bit where my colour interest or theme interest for my blog posts come from. This week I am so drawn to dark greens and deep blue tones. Must be the season changing from summer to autumn/winter. As soon as I find a green fabric suitable for this project I will try to make a sofa cover similar to this one. Love the rough seems and that colour is amazing! As you can see I am also looking forward to comfort food. Salads with warm meet, lovely flatbreads with piles of flavour. And the mary janes.... Not having a daughter has already saved me heaps of money. I would be so so sooo broke if my boys were girls. All I have to worry about are sturdy clothes and shoes. All tips for sturdy and cute are welcome!

This wasn't all I've posted, repined and liked. Follow me on Pinterest to stay in the loop.

4 september 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - This is where the fun stuff happens!

Sometimes I create a fun blog but don't take notes of the places where I found the products. Here is one of those blogs... Many I can still bring home but some. Still too good not to share. Credits known are shown on Instagram.

29 augustus 2017

Kids Tuesday.... is you're kid leaving the nest?

Kids grow up and kids leave the house. When they go to their first own place to stay they are excited. As a mother you are likely dreading the moment. However, let's shake that feeling off and give the kids a good start in their first home away from home. There are some pretty cool products available that can dress up their space to give a young vibrant yet homely feeling.

Small space living (assuming they don't end up in a villa straight away) can still hold some bold statement patterns. I love the graphic wallpaper from the new collection of Brian Yates. Combine this with a romantic feminine (affordable) print from Uniqe and you have a sweet contrast going on. I love the Ercol sofa's. No not the cheapest solution but it's nice to have a living room space you can transform to a sleeping situation in the evening.

Wallpaper 'Painted Patchwork' by Brian Yates | Marianna poster by June | Pendant lamp Bulb Pure Natural by Het Kabinet | Mica Decorations metal wall rack via VT Wonen | Bedlinnen Odette Biscuit by La Cerise sur le Gâteau | Originals studio couch by Ercol in black and fabric E648 | Cushions by Lorena Canals

25 augustus 2017

Hello Friday.... take me to Palm Springs

School started again this week and although we had a 6 weeks holiday I missed the warm summer feeling. During the holidays I watched 'Our House Rules' Australia and saw a theme 'Palm Springs' pass by for a Townsville garden. That got me curious and after some research I came up with this as my version of the Palm Springs style. Hope you like it.

The accent feature on the fall are wooden tiles from the Australian brand Bonnie and Neal. And a couple of cactus prints are less prickly in your bedroom than an actual cactus. Seemed a better idea to me. The colour scheme of this moodboard is amazing. Good for a sweet holiday feeling to hang on to for the entire year.
Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | black wall light | Poster cactus | Poster cactus flower | Back tiles Star White | Pillow cover peacock | Bedding Oasis cream pink | Palm floor lamp