30 september 2016

Hello Friday.... expect the unexpected

Are you a lover of natural materials and the industrial look than you may want to look into the collection of Lyon Beton. With a mixture of water, sand, cement and a pinch of fiberglass they make these amazing designs. With matching rebar legs the rugged look is complete. I like it when you add something unexpected in an interior.

23 september 2016

Hello Friday... I am getting closer to my dark side

We may need an extra house. Huh? What? Yes... I don't have just one love for an interior style and the ones I like don't go together all that well. One is Scandinavian light and simple like in the previous post (not empty house design like but where items have function and are desirable to look at) and the other one is a dark comfortable cave with lucious flowers, deep dark colours, combined with woods and soft fabrics such as velours that make you want to caress them. To channel my love and gather inspiration I've made a new board on Pinterest. My 'INTERIOR - LOVE THE DARKNESS' board filled with dark goodness.

I've selected a few products as my Favorite Friday to show you what I mean. They would all go so well in my cave of comfort. Some of them I've sources through Pinterest and some by following the hashtag of recent interior exhibitions in Europe such as Maison et Objet in Paris and Formex in Sweden. I visited Show Up myself and there you could also see the dark colours being used as wall colour of many of the booths. 

I love this loveseat type of 'banquette' in a deep green velours fabric by the French HonorĂ©. Great use of different types of material which keep it modern and light even when a heavy fabric such as velours was used. 

Another brand that understands what I mean with LOVE THE DARKNESS is HK Living. Not ready to paint a wall in a dark colour? Than maybe their XXL palm tree wall hanger is more to your liking. Their collection is often shown in Australian magazines that I used to read when we lived in Singapore. I am proud that this is a Dutch brand, I remember how they started with Swedish style tables and serving trays and look at them now!

So... If anyone has a house they're not using. I can drop by to collect the key no problem!

Enjoy the weekend.
X Caroline

16 september 2016

Hello Friday... some plans to get Autumn ready

We're getting close to European Autumn. It will be my first leaves falling again in four years time as we've lived in Singapore for a while. With the outdoors becoming a bit more gloomy I long for an extra cosy feeling indoors. We've already made a bit of a start by changing the layout in the room. Our sitting area is shifted to the smaller back room and the front room will be the dining area and playroom for the kids. Here are some additional ideas and products I've come across that I absolutely love and hopefully soon will get.

Wallpaper Royal Blue Flowers, My living room 'art' wall, Hemp Rug, wooden legs for sofa, soft pink sofa cover, mustard tear drop wool blanket, cushion covers, fig tree plant.

I am curious about your plans to get the house ready for the changing season. Will you want to change a lot like myself or are you more a modest changes type of person? 

9 september 2016

Hello Friday... some things I liked this week

When searching for images on Instagram I seem to keep ending up on Australian accounts. Is my interest shifting from Scandinavian to Australian? I do find that I am looking more and more at bold designs, big use of color and not necessarily a white canvas to start with. Looking forward to seeing where this is headed.

A few of my favorites I would like to share are...

The artwork by Madelein Stamer is simply amazing. I love the black and pink cacti print and would happily hang this in our home. The other print is a more summery flower with bright vibrant colours. See more of her work at her Instagram account or head straight to the shop.

And if you are into printed fun and funky bedding Australia is also the place to be. In the past I've blogged about Kip & Co and Sack Me bedding collections. Another brand that has caught my eye is Sage and Clare. Love the little flowers bedding, the fresh striped one and the out of control fluffy pink pillow.

2 september 2016

Hello Friday.... Let's get creative

Returning to my blogging roots I have visited some Scandinavian interior magazine websites once more. I used to go this for hours and hours following link, brand, stylist and photographer in a search to new inspirations. It brought me to some fun creative ideas.

BoligLiv - DIY key holder
 boligliv - inspiration - diy - key hanger - lillelykke

BoligLiv - Wall hanging
 boligliv - inspiration - diy - wall hanging

The wall hanger reminded me that we are closing in on the launch month for the new KOEL magazine. Are you into yarn craft enthousiast make sure you order your copy here online.

But there is more to keep an eye out for. Staying in the theme of magazines another one you don't want to miss is the bloggers special from VT wonen. Many of my good blogger friends are in there sharing their favorite images, hotspot shops and inspirations. A must read if you ask me.

 vt wonen loves blogs 2016 - order oline

And finally a safe the date... there will be a launch of new books by publisher SNOR, a bloggers market, workshops and several refreshing entertainment. All in a great old train depot in Utrecht. Will I bump into you at the SNOR festival on the 24th or 25th of September?