26 november 2016

It's been years since I've done it but this year I will send out a few Christmas cards again. Main reason is that there are so many talented artists out there with beautiful cards such as these beautiful Christmas cards by Louise Cunningham. Each year a blog friend of mine called Monique from Happymakersblog keeps a list of all these talented artists and their latest Christmas cards. Do make sure you visit her blog to do some great new discoveries. 

18 november 2016

Hello Friday... it's like a gift from nature

This week I've come across some pretty exciting interior decorating items that look like true gifts from nature. Either inspired by nature like the drawings (those fishes wauw!) or micro photographed from the actual animal. And gemstones... a local friend of mine has an online shop selling these and you can just keep looking at them. Amazing to think that they actually come from nature as they are. It used to be a bit of a weird old peoples thing to collect them but to have on big colorful rock in your house is not old at all. It's rocking!! 

Poster butterfly | Poster bug | Bless this home print | Canyon marble dining table | gemstone pink | Poster gemstone green | Poster deep sea

11 november 2016

Hello Friday.... a modern kids room for boys and girls

I would love nothing more than to decorate kids rooms all day, every day. Whenever come across a product like these posters by Rylee and Cru I start to combine until I get this cute room. So if ever you feel like you could use some assistance. Be sure to let me know. You would truly make my day!

Wallpaper Esthex | Posters Rylee and Cru | Lamp by House Doctor | Cabinet by HK Living | Bedding by La Cerise sur le G√Ęteau | Storage bag by Telkiddo | Junior bed Caravan by Kalon Studio | Rug 'gittan' by Brita Sweden 

Wallpaper Ferm Living | Posters Rylee and Cru | Lamp by House Doctor | Black swan by Ilka | Cabinet by HK Living | Junior bed Caravan by Kalon Studio | Rug by Mum's via Pantoufle Design|

4 november 2016

Hello Friday... if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen!

Often when I open Pinterest an images catches my eye. Today it was this large bistro style kitchen. I would love a super long kitchen like this that was smack in the middle of all the other living spaces like dining and living room. Being connected with the family whilst preparing meals makes you add the ingredient LOVE to all your cooking. 

I've adapted this images a bit more to my own style with this 'SHOP THE LOOK' collage. Sources from both Dutch and international webshops. For me personally it needs a few design additions, some fun 'I don't take myself too serious' accessories and affordable touches of colour. 

Faucet | Design Lamp by Ontwerpduo | wooden cutting board | Brabantia pink bin | mix of flowers by Bloomon | storage containers to show on the work surface | wooden spoon 1 and 2 | stool Twig with leather top by Muubs | kitchen cloth | neon style poster