24 augustus 2015

I am a dreamer. I dream of having enough time to continue my blog. I dream of beautiful colonial black and white houses and cannot stop myself visiting open houses every Saturday. And after I visit them I always start decorating them in my mind. Young kids have imaginary friends, I have imaginary houses. And decorating them becomes more and more easy with all these amazing brands and stores you come across on Instagram.
This is a World Map Poster by the great brand Olli Ella from Australia.

Follow me on my journey past the black and white colonial houses and my family life in Singapore on Instagram. I post almost daily there and hopefully much more often here than in the past year. If people ask me what I do I still reply 'I am a blogger'. So best start blogging again than.

7 maart 2015

A recent DIY

It was long before I had children of my own that I came across a little boy dressed up like an Astronaut. He had empty soda bottles on his back and over his head something that looked like a plastic fish bowl. Could hardly walk in his creation but I loved it so much that it has never left my mind. Now that my oldest is three I can create my own master piece. Specially since we had Carnaval mid February to celebrate.

As inspiration for my creation I chose a Pottery Barn store bought suit. Also looks amazing but I just like to DIY a bit. I took some garden equipment from my dad's shed, two empty soda bottles and neoprane fabric and some glitsy bright colours for finishing details.

Have to admit. I was really really stoked with the end result. And hoping hoping hoping that the three year old would wear it. Thank goodness he did and loved it just as much as I did.

I am now working on a 'no pattern' fireman jacket. I hope it will work out just as cute as this one. Can't wait to fill up his dress up wardrobe with all these cool little suits.