30 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... crisp clean with a touch of blue

How do you achieve a bright, crisp yet welcoming bedroom? I would go for a white based wallpaper such as this tiled one and add some extra pattern, an accent colour (love the midnight blue) and a statement piece like this oversized wall light. It's ok to go a little bit bold on some items. After all aren't these the images we repin all the time? Add the unexpected and you create something special.
Like it? Feel free to pin it.

Wallpaper Milton and King Tile Progress | Wall lamp Chicago by It's about Romi | Art print Messy bear don't care | Art print Mr Jack by Mrs Mighetto | Tassels throw by Kip & Co | Pillow case slate linnen diagonal stripe by Castle and Things | Pillow case slate linnen floral by Castle and Things | Dots duvet cover by Crisp Sheets | Lightbox long by Little Lovely Company

26 mei 2017

Hello Friday... when life gives you lemons

For this collage I've chosen some items that seem 'handmade' because of the lines, strokes and delicate materials chosen. Combine this with some sleek designer furniture and a delicately blown glass lamp. For me a good interior has the right amount of tension between styles. It's a fine line but when you get it right you have a dining room your guest will swoon over. The start of this collage was the 'When life gives you lemons' art print by Hôtel Magique. Don't you just love the boldness of it (specially if you order an A1 size). Would look amazing in a black, white and cream dining room.

Wallpaper harringbone Ferm LIVING | Ceramic wall pots by Gathering Objects | Art print 'When life gives you lemons' by Hôtel Magique | Oda lamp large by Pulpo | Ercol chair flow by Tomoko Azumi | Normann Copenhagen dining table Smoked glass and oak

23 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... signed, sealed, delivered!

Me and the boys (3 and 5 year old) are pretty excited to have been asked to test the brilliant helmets by Nutcase. Even tough it is not obligatory (yet) in the Netherlands to wear a helmet we are all about staying safe. After all 'love your brain' as you will need it for the rest of your life. As much as I wanted to pick my own favourites in the fun line up of choice I thought it would be best to have the boys choose.

To make it complete I've curated some fun Micro-step scooters, Scotch and Shrunk clothes and Maa shoes with is. Who knows... maybe the other brands want to tag along. Isn't that why they say the postman always rings twice?

My boys are all about riding their bikes and scooters and even running as fast as they can. Everything is a race at this age. Follow us on Instagram to see and read about the test. And thank you Nutcase for providing us the Fly boy and Union Jack helmets to try. Can't wait for the boys to look all smart wearing them.

19 mei 2017

Hello Friday... have you felt the summer this week?

We got a little sneak preview of what summer can be like this year. Can't wait for this season to kick in for real. Here is some fun inspiration with a few favourite outdoor/indoor items.

Wallpaper Cactus Spirit by Aimee Wilder | Outdoor shower by Bloomingville | Beach umbrella by Sunday Supply Co | Camels Sahara art print by Juniqe | Rocking chair Luxembourg by Fermob | Adagio Outdoor swing by Francesco Rota via Design Milk | Lloyd low table by Functional | Soccer plant pot by IKEA | Brita Sweden plastic rug Rita

16 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... inspired by WOW bloggers

This week I discovered (probable as one of the last on Instagram) the account of Kirstin Lagerqist (@krickelin) and fell head over heals in love with her style. A true WOW moment. She has a love for traditional Swedish with a modern look and feel. It inspired me and triggered me to create this collage.

MENU Tribeca pendant lamp | Poster 'I said a hip hop the hippie' | magazine rack | Normann Copenhagen magazine Color Box | Fatboy Candyofnie lamps (modular) | Crisp Sheets Float Bedding | Madam Stoltz stool | Custhom Aves embroidered wallpaper

The collage seems a bit more modern than what she shows on Instagram. But I need to combine her style with mine in the Lille Lykke collage images. This feels like the start of a series where I make collages in the style and taste of bloggers we all know and admire.

12 mei 2017

Hello Friday... when colour meets design

I always have a need for colour. I admire the people that can stick to a monochrome palet. It would never work for me. However, I do admit that the items with colour tend to wear out in your interior sooner. So don't go overboard and invest in some proper design you know you'll love a lifetime (or will keep it's value when you wish to sell it). 

Hexagonal yellow wallpaper by Zilverblauw | Elements floor lamp by ZERO lighting | Orchard road vintage travel poster by Eek&Art designs (< yes I sometimes miss Singapore) | flowers by Bloomon | Wall hook Lou by Harto Design | Party lights (I bought mine here) | Harto Design sideboard Marius | Harto Design armchair George in lemon yellow | Freaky carpet by Moooi carpets | Clarissa Hood armchair by Moroso.

9 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... let's go and create a kids tropical paradise

My kids love to play outside. Luckily we have enough garden around our hide away by the coast as our city apartment doesn't really provide much outdoor space. I've searched for the most fun items to enhance the outdoor experience for kids or to create a fun outdoor look and feel for an indoor play area. With a little splash of the tropical vibes to remember our days in Singapore.

Indoor/outdoor plastic runner by Brita Sweden | String lights (I bought mine here) | Beautiful swing by Madam Stolz | Kids chair by Whkmp's own | Image of Palm tree from the Katie Scott Botanicum book | Woven grass cactus by Colour Locale | Intex inflatable sea turtle | Razor Ripsurf Waveboard

This week I've also watched all episodes of the latest project by Three Birds Renovations and man what a job and what a result. I personally would add more colour but I highly respect what they have achieved and pick my inspirations from their accessories.

5 mei 2017

Hello Friday... congratulations IKEA on the red dot award!

We love a good bit of IKEA design. This year they had a nice win for the Red Dot Awards. This HAVSTEN outdoor sofa makes my heart skip a beat. Too bad we have to wait till summer 2018 but I can see it will be worth the wait. I've styled it with some nice outdoor design to lounge and enjoy during long summer days.

Outdoor lamp BELL in colour petroleum by Eleanor home | Joshua Tree poster | Ocean 2 poster | IKEA Havsten outdoor sofa | Timber Tuck stool | Acapulco chair petrol blue | Butter outdoor coffee table (love this!) | UUNI pizza oven (need this!)

The plant illustrations featured in this blogpost come from this pin on Pinterest.

2 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... the creme de la creme for girls

Kids most likely don't even see the difference. Offer them a bed, a few toys in their room and an overall nice atmosphere and they are happy. However, us mothers we do notice the difference and we love pretty items. Designers know and they keep throwing the creme de la creme of pretty items our way. Feast your eye (and lock your wallet!) as we have some goodies to show you.
- nice fact... the rug is machine washable! -

Born on Monday Sleepy Bunny blanket | Rafa-kids F bunk bed | Kartell Ultra mini villa dollhouse | Rosalie strawberry red chair by Hartô Edition | Elizabeth yellow floor lamp by Hartô Edition | Kaarol (machine washable) rug by Lorena Canals