29 november 2013

Some DIY advent making inspiration

I like all types of advent calenders. When I was a little girl we used to have the ones with tiny chocolates. That were never big enough nor did the days go by fast enough to get to the next one. Let alone get to Christmas!
Here are some modern colorful ideas that I found on Pinterest. The crystal ones are by Mr Printables, the Robots that would be great for a boys family is by Next to nicx, the confetti popper one by You are my fave, the colorful boxes by Studio DIY and finally the matchstick box one by Zoe de las cases.

23 november 2013

Let's get merry, I'm opening the season for Christmas

I know it's early to start talking about Christmas. But living in Singapore makes it a reality that you are well into the Christmas carols, decorations and sweets mid November. And there is no harm in getting organized and screening the web for the best presents. Even if they have to come from the other side of the world...
My sister bought this beanbag which made me curious about the rest of the products from this Australian brand. Mozi has a bit of an traditional English feel to me but with products that are just a little bit different. Combined with modern items they will stand out. Like the sailor and siren salt and pepper grinders. All and all they make cute Christmas presents and as we're still ahead of December there's time to ship it from Australia.
And there is also their vintage christmas collection. With very cute melamine plates, kids aprons and a wrapping paper book. Must admit I'm quite excited about that last one.

18 november 2013

Double share... Isa Form

It's a double share as I've recently posted this image on the Kids blog. But just in case you forget to visit that site I had to make sure you wouldn't miss ISA FORM from Sweden. Posters, cushions, tea towels, trays... you'll find all sort of products you'll likely love as much as I do.

Be sure to place your order well in time for Christmas so that you can enjoy the JUL collection at home.

16 november 2013

We have a winner of the Ketchup on Everything give away. Thank you all for your comments. I will translate them for Kay so that she knows how we all love her products.

Don't forget the 25% discount code (LEAVES) until the 28th of November!!!
We feel this poster or one of the placemats could make a great december present.

5 november 2013

An amazing home on the river

It's possible to live very comfortably on the water. In the Netherlands you have lovely canalboat houses such as this one. Living above water level and sleeping below water level gives you all the space you need. And when executed this well you end up with an amazing living space, loads of light, ducks swimming by and a constant feeling of holiday.
This boat can be found on the river Amstel and is photographed by Margriet Hoekstra.

1 november 2013

Reconstruction of the 1930s by EGE

The Danish EGE rug company is celebrating it's 75th year anniversary. And what better way to do this than with a great limited rug edition collection. The EGE designers Karen Nybo and Mette Martinsen came up with a collection inspired by the 1930s art deco style by Le Corbusier. The result are these 8 great shaped rugs with pastel colors and graphic design. With prices going from 215 to 1.065 euros.

Image 1: EGE Instagram
Image 2: EGE Limited Rug Edition catalogue