29 mei 2009

Alles weggewerkt

image: Bolig Magasinet
Soms heb je spullen en die moeten gewoon gezien worden. Hiervoor gebruik je een prachtige buffetkast of servieskast. Maar er is ook zoveel wat zeker functioneel is maar geen schoonheidsprijs verdient. Dan loont het om een mooie kast op maat te laten timmeren. Denk eens aan alles wat je hierin kunt opbergen. Mooi uit het zicht maar nog steeds dicht bij de hand.

Het kleurrijke kinderhoekje voor de kast herinnert aan een eerder geplaatste post over creatief met behang.

In every household you have objects that are like little artworks. They need to be seen so you place them in an open cabinet. But we also hord so many things that are functional and don't qualify to be a nice decorative object. For this we suggest building a wall cabinet fitted to your room. Think about the amount of things you can store there. Out of sight but still within reach.

The colourful childrens corner in front of the cabinet reminds us of a post we made about 'get creative with wallpaper'.

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  1. Hello Caroline

    Sorry for not answering before, but it has been some busy days. The polymat is from a large garden-chain called Plantasjen, so I don´t think it has a brand ...if you know what I mean :)
    But rice.dk has some really nice ones, you should take a look at theire site.

    I would love to try out your shop :) How nice of you to ask. My litle shop is opening on tuseday and it´s mostley handmade, but mayby the prints could be fun to try out. You will see that I have illustrated the alphabet alsow, maybe you colud help me to put the right illustrations to the right letters in Netherland? Just an idea!

    Enjoy the long weekend!
    Best regards Jeanette