25 maart 2014

Hope to see you soon beautiful book

A dear blog friend of mine has worked months and months on a book called Yvestown in de keuken (Yvestown in the kitchen). Something refreshing as it doesn't just tick the cookbook box, no also the interior, photography, and life with friends box. To complement this amazing book there is a collection of postcards and tea towels available at Sissy Boy Homeland and the Yvestown shop. If you're in the area this Thursday make sure you bring it down to Sissy Boy Homeland in Amsterdam for the official launch of the book (more information on the Yvestown blog here). I'm also there and would love to meet you.

This is not a sponsored post. I get nothing from Yvestown besides a great friendship and your occasional dosis of brutal honesty. Love you for it honey...

13 maart 2014

Tried and tested... The bObles crocodile and kids love it!!!

We tried the bObles crocodile in our family. From the age of 1, 4, 8, 10 and 12 they all found their own way to play with it and have fun. Using it to lie on, as steps, balancing board and jump board (even though it doesn't bend).

Quoting my sister: 'Even though us grown ups thought 'nice looking but what can you do with it?!' the kids loved playing with it. From one to twelve they all got busy with it and it will keep them interested for quite a while. And a happy kid.... makes a happy parent right?

I can't wait to get to the Netherlands next week and let my little two year old toddler have a go. The bObles crocodile is a lucky one as he'll get to go to Singapore for our boys to play with. It'll look very good with our lucious garden and help the boys in their development. Can't wait to come up with a suitable name for our new pet.

All bObles items are part of 'the happy development'. Read all about it on the bObles website, look at the colors and shapes available and find a reseller close to you.

The bObles crocodile was offered to Lille Lykke to test. After we bring it home to Singapore we will post pictures on Instagram

This is a cactus that happily combines with my toddler

Did you fill up your home with a cactus last year? I was tempted but aside from a few really small ones from IKEA I resisted. Too worried that I would end up hurting my adventurous exploring toddler son. Visiting the website of Sydney based prop buyer and interior stylist Briar Stanley I came across this post with these prints of paintings. They are by Art and People from Brooklyn USA and you can find them on Etsy. Now those are cacti I can happily combine with my wandering toddler at a very friendly price. 

11 maart 2014

Dress your bathroom with a designer shower curtain

And after you've been original with your wall hangings (blogpost yesterday) why not continue with your shower curtain? Society6 is an online platform where designers can offer their work to be printed on a series of items selected by Society6. New in their collection is the shower curtain. I really like the idea that you can choose between 1994 designs (good luck!) finding your favorite.
We don't need shower curtains in our current home but maybe in the future. I did order with them before. I've recently ordered a poster (very nice), a t-shirt (expected a better print but still like it) and a pillow cover (didn't read the additional text and expected other material so not happy but my own fault).

10 maart 2014

Be original!

I have a major thing for posters. Guess I have about twenty that I keep in seven frames (they're layered). And every so often I change the one that get's to see the glass and I get to look at. But my interest is shifting. I feel a need to be a bit more original. I never thought I would say this let alone share it with the world. I'm starting to like these dreamcatchers I spot online. Not you're average with heavy feathers but like this Beci Oprin one from Urban Outfitters. Another thing I spot that will take me some more time to grow into are the woven wall hangings. This is a rather heavy one by Cold Picnic, also available via Urban Outfitters.