27 februari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Muted blue and concrete grey with great boy posters

A boys room design that young boys can grow old with. Just change some of the accessories that are adorably cute when they are young but become childish when they are older. So invest in the base materials such as a cool wallpaper and a beautiful rug. A designer like chair and bench that will be used for years to come.

Star garland silver by Numero74 | Sibori Wallpaper by Milton and King | Rug Design House Stockholm | To the Moon art prints Tyranozaur and Superhero | BePureHome Spotlight Floorlamp | Fameg Venice no.9 armstool | Ferm Living kids Little Architect bench dark blue

23 februari 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - When blog friends launch a new brand with huge potential

There is a new brand just around the corner. Three of my blog friends have teamed up with a Dutch retailer for something very clever. They each get to design their own collection and Kwantum knows all about producing on larger scale plus has the 100+ shops to sell the goods. Here is a sneak peak. Find all of this in stores from the 19th of March. 

The Bintihome WOWN collection for Kwantum.
Some price info: pillow €14,- | mirror €25,- | lamp €35,- | wall hook €4,50 | canvas wall deco €12,- | poof stool (take the pillow out and it’s a side table) €60,- | basket €10,- . 

 The Ensuus WOWN collection for Kwantum.
Some price info: lamps €45,- and €30,- | rug €25,- | pillow left €19,- | pillow right €17,- | wall shelf €9,- | tray (box) € 2,50 | vase pink (love this one) € 12,- | side table €29,- .

The Zilverblauw WOWN collection for Kwantum.
Some price info: wallpaper €22,- | poster €9,- or €15,- | lamp €29,- | photo shelf €15,- | cups €3,- or xl €5,- | plaid €29,- | pillow €17,- .

20 februari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Boys need to feel wild and free

If you don't want to go to permanent in your statements than you look for the right accessories. The artwork by Terry Fan can be found as a full mural at Milton and King. At the same time you can also choose a posters of any size at Juniqe. It's all about how bold you wish to go in a kids bedroom.

For me personally it can never be daring enough. As that is where the excitement happens and you create a unique living space. So even though I haven't chosen the mural for this collage I did go for a rather bold wallpaper. When keeping the rest of the items 'in tone' it can all compliment each other. These are all items that can grow with your child right into the days they say 'it's time, I'm leaving the nest'.

Wall light Lucide Mizuko | Pendant lamp unfold Muuto | Wallpaper Raphaƫl Blue by Sandberg Wallpaper | Terry Fan 'Age of the Giants' poster via Juniqe | Matthew Taylor Wilson 'Wild & Free' poster via Juniqe | Storage basket jacquard woven and Jute black and white via H&M home | Rattan chair Stockholm 2017 via IKEA | A-frame bookcase via PB Teen | Rattan rug Kidsdepot via Wehkamp