31 maart 2017

Hello Friday.... Fresh blue with real treasures

Seletti lamp one, two, three | Poster 'Taurus' by Crisp Sheets | Bedding eye | Mun 11 table by SlowWood | Jacquard woven rug by H&M Home | Terrazzo hook one, two by Zakkia | Leopard love pillow case set by Crisp Sheets

Is it time to freshen up your bedroom than tink about combining affordable with some timeless design. For bedding you have such a wide selection these days that you don't really have to stick to crisp white sheets. It can be fun to make your bedsheets the eye catcher in the room. And I have fallen in love with these terrazzo wall hooks from Australia. Travelling to Oz this summer and have some space to spare in your suitcase do let me know.

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend.
See you next Kids Tuesday!

28 maart 2017

Kids Tuesday... a living room kids corner we can say 'YAY' to

A cute stylish kids room in the living room should be possible right. Yes as long as you have a kick ass large cabinet with lots of storage to store the toys in when not played with. When decorating a kidscorner for the living room my advise would be go with a bit more designer style items that can be used by kids. Like this table from Onshus, the wall light and the storage bag. For the chairs I've chosen one vintage Karin Mobring (from my own collection) that I have painted black when faded too much and a little chair from Mum and Dad Factory.

On the Muuto and WOOOD shelf you can display one or two favourite books and some cute small storage boxes or toys that are easy on the eye. Some of these items were placed in my VT Wonen voorjaarshuis (spring home) competition entry. 

Wall art is actually wrapping paper from Rifle Paper and Co | Wall lamp Nordall | Shelf Muuto | Book on Shelf | Shelf WOOOD type Meert | Little desk by Onshus | Vintage chair by Karin Mobring for IKEA (private) | similar chair by Mum and Dad Factory | Raffia storage baskets by Rice | Locker cabinet by VT Wonen | Rug by Muuto | Way to Play road puzzle | Ferm LIVING storage basket

24 maart 2017

Hello Friday... lazy like a sloth in a design kind of way

When we visited the Singapore Zoo we would often try to find the sloth. Such an interesting creature. I was very amused when I came across this little Sloth twoseater on Instagram. That sparkled the idea for this new blogpost. I knew Motiflow had a Sloth print in their collection that you can order as fabric or as wallpaper. So this is my version of Sloth in a design kind of way.

Wallpaper Sloth by Krantenkapper for Motiflow | &Tradition flowerpot pendant (never gets old) | Murakami and Cookies art print via Society6 | HAY colour carpet 03 | Cluster tables by Ferm LIVING | Sloth 2 seater by Fish Design Market | AJ floor lamp by Louis Poulsen

21 maart 2017

Kids Tuesday.... a modern romantic lush pinkish girls room

Girls love pink. But mommies... do we think we can shift them into a more coral shade of pink. It combines greatly with this rusty brown. And ever since I received Studio Pop Object started following me on Instagram I've been intrigued by their origami lamps. I'm pretty sure I need that fish!

Muuto shelves | Ferm LIVING desk and bench | &Klevering Amsterdam toucan coin bank | Retro Villa vintage wallpaper | Origami fish lamp by Studio Pop Object | Stackable Storage basket by Kidsdepot | Pure toy bag white by Nobodinoz | Stina floral Space rug by Urban Outfitters | Pure pouffe dolce vita pink by Nobodinoz | Blush linen scalop pillowcase by Rachel Castle Things | Fern Quilt cover by Rachel Castle Things

19 maart 2017

Hello... SUNDAY?!? I'm joining the give away of the year

Once a year the Dutch magazine VT Wonen hosts an amazing give away called #vtwonenvoorjaarshuis. You can win € 10.000,- of products from their shop. Only a few rules. It has to be the exact amount, you have to put it together on the 19th of March and it has to be items for the entire household. A restyle to get your home ready for Spring. Most likely you also have to live in the Netherlands but I'm not sure about that...

Here is the overview of what I have shopped together. Must be honest... I added a few items to the image that would be 'private collection' as you often see mentioned in the magazine. But I wanted to give an overall overview of the style I am aiming for. And things like wallpaper and certain lamps need to be added.

I also joined the give away last year and wrote a blog about it. Find my 2016 entry here. This give away has only one winner but doesn't have any losers. Cause spending an entire day putting together your ideal interior is a party for everyone. Although this year I do hope to win as I am eager to get a white floor again. And I would love to see this mood board put together in real life.

|| the grey outlines in the image are the floor plan of your home. ||

17 maart 2017

Hello Friday... am I out of control?

In this collages my starting point was a little mommy corner. Somewhere to have a moment to yourself with a good read or a little iPad moment when the kids haven't confiscated the devise. Some me-time that we all need every now and than.

Rope lamp black | Good Morning poster | Rohini printed daybed (on sale!) | Leopard pillow case by Society of Wanderers | Hoppmosse 1452 wallpaper from the Wonderland collection by Borastapeter | Terracotta Cotton crochet blanket by Society of Wanderers | Pax and Hart poster Leopard | Daybed cube by House Doctor (found one on sale!)

My love for the Scandinavian interior style that is light, functional with eye for design hasn't changed. But when living in Singapore I read the Real Living magazine a lot and the eclectic style from the Australians also really speaks to me. So I try to combine the best of both worlds.

I enjoy these collages so much. My 'creations' are getting more out of control but for me more interesting. I don't want to copy and paste the trends that I see on instagram but create my own style. Without a doubt I am influenced by the trends but I only take highlights from them.

14 maart 2017

Kids Tuesday.... step into my saloon

This weekend I enjoyed a lunch with a few fellow bloggers at Piet Hein Eek restaurant in Eindhoven. Never fails to inspire me to go there. And the fun part is we had two bloggers with us who had never been so it was nice to see it through their fresh eyes. I love a lamp combination I had seen there. For my blog I was looking for a more affordable solution to bring this style to your home.

Lamp yellow | Lamp purple | lamp red | Lamp diabolo white | Lamp blue | Lamp white | Poster cowgirl cat | Poster I should have been a cowboy | Mum & Dad factory Rock shelves | Popcorn bolster cushion | Rose Billy basket | Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek | Chair by Piet Hein Eek for IKEA from the JASSA series

The blog lunch was with Yvestown, Maandagdaandag, Wimke Tolsma and Elske Enstra. The first two long time blog friends and the other two names I've known for ages but ladies I had never met. So I had a great time meeting them and talking about blogging, networking and life in general.

10 maart 2017

Hello Friday... let's skip Spring and go straight to Summer

We get hints of Spring with occasional sunny days. It makes me a very greedy person because now I want to skip Spring and go straight to summer. I long for the long evenings, the warmth on your skin and the easy to wear dresses. Therefor I've made a Summer mood board to keep me going for the next few months.

Wallpaper Paradise Breeze R13321 | Muuto yellow UNFOLD lamp | Wallpaper Desert gold by Hygge & West (designed by Justina Blakeney) | Pillow golden palm trees | Pillow yellow velvet | Halo by Quentin de Coster (how cool is that!) | HK Living palm lamp | Slow chair pink by Vitra looking very pretty in the home of Zilverblauw

Pink is a colour that seems to have set firmly in my mind. I love the wallpaper of the see in all shades of pink, purple and blue only I don't think I'd be brave enough to put this one up. On the other hand... try and like it or try and replace it. The yellow is (besides my kids favourite colour) also a warm sunny colour that brings instant Summer to your home.

And the pink chair comes with a bit of a story. It's found a warm and welcoming home at my blogging friend Anki's house. She has won it with a contest on the VT Wonen woon & design expo. I can say fair and square as I was there with her. Of course it makes you envious but this chair could not have found a better home than with Anki. It's made for her and I am happy that as a hard working creative she has won something this cool!!!

7 maart 2017

Kids Tuesday... one for the boys

I am currently working on my website for my creative freelance business. More about that later when I feel it's ready to launch. One of the segments in the portfolio is the work I do for a kids platform. I've expressed my dream there which is to style at least 2 kids room per month. I love making combinations that may be with items that you don't buy in the kids department. Just so that you can love them some more at another place when your kid grows out of his room. 

For this mood board I've combined designer items with some lovely wallpapers and kept the tones earthy brown and green and dark blue. This combines beautiful with all kinds of wood and a large rattan rug. The Boras wallpaper is supposed to be vertical but I prefer it horizontal. So I don't always take things the way they come. When doable I give them my own twist. 

String of lights (I've bought mine here) | Askov Finlayson wallpaper for Hygge & West | The Jungalow mobile in black | Pax and Hart poster 'Roll with it' (still a favourite) | Blue bugs print by Liljebergs | Borosan Easy Up 14 wallpaper by Bor√•stapeter | Dots wall hooks by Muuto | Mini mod (de luxe) bean chair by HomeDay in Australia | Folded shelves by Muuto