28 september 2018

FAVOURITE FRIDAY - lightness and darkness combined in a sereen design

When I think about this design I see a renovated home with fresh plastered walls, steal frame doors and a light wooden floor such as this chevron floor (we call this in Dutch a Hungarian point floor). The wallpaper is quite dark and heavily decorated. So this asks for a light balance. Found in the cloud lamps and the artwork with jellyfish art. It needed a warm highlight somewhere and I have a similar floral lamp on the wall at home which I LOVE. 

This is a basic design which can be used as a guideline for your own living room design. Add a Chesterfield or a solid MUUTO sofa. Choose your side to emphasise.. lightness or darkness. Create your own happy place in the finishes.  

Sources for the products:
Rug | Wooden floor | Pendant lamps | Wallpaper | Artwork | Chair | Wall lamp | Wall table

18 september 2018

KIDS TUESDAY.... some decorations for the room

There is so much to find to decorate a kids room. No matter what style you like. I love to source things that trigger a kids imagination or their urge to play. With Dinosaurs, bugs and pretty art pieces you can never go wrong. All come in different prints, colours and shapes so make sure you visit the sites to find the ones that fit your room.

Wallpaper Tiny Tots Esseners light-grey | Dinosaur banner - In the Jungle Brochiosaurus & Parasaurolophus | Enjoy sign via Kwantum store | Giant cardboard stag beetle | UMASQU wall hanger Eye #3 | Wide leather wall pocket | Tine K Home rattan wall shelf 

11 september 2018

KIDS TUESDAY... Let's head for the mountains

With the wether changing and Autumn approaching we get that 'get the house winter cosy' itch. But what to look for? It is so hard these days to find something original. When I open Instagram I see mommy bloggers working hard to get their kids all the cool items (often in a sponsored post) and this inspires other moms to get inspired and follow. What I am longing for is quirkiness, identity, uniqueness. Difficult as with Internet we have all seen it somewhere before. For this wallpaper I've looked on Spoonflower. It makes me feel that you can reach all the fun designers that normally would not be able to create a wallpaper. With a handful of colours represented in the print as my starting point it was easy to find the right accessories to decorate the room. All it needed as a finishing touch was some quirkiness. The result: a moodboard with FUN, PLAYTIME and HUMOUR. 

Wallpaper 'Call of the Mountains' | Garland Rainbow New Elements | Rectangular pillow cover Oscar Litchi 40 | Charcoal round velvet pillow cover | Poster Wilde by Pax and Hart via MioMeraki | Party Sloth pillow | Poster NORTH by Warmgrey Tail | Wallhanger in the shape of a house by ZARA Home | Spot-nik lamp Dirty Mint by Van Tjalle en Jasper

7 september 2018

Hello Friday.... new Flexa 2019 colour: Spiced Honey

Flexa presented the colour of 2019 this week. Last year I was not very keen on the colour of the year. Heartwood will not be likely to end up on my wall. This new colour is more my cup of tea. It is called 'spiced honey' and it feels a bit caramel to me. I've used this colour to create an inspirational collage.

With autumn approaching I've chosen some warm terracotta colours to match and soften the Flexa paint. Plus some warm brique red accents. My hands are getting itchy to make some changes at home. Was already thinking about new colours and feel I've found my match.

Artwork 'Flower no 2' | Flexa Spiced Honey | Cane floor lamp with green legs | Wicker table lamp | Lounge chair SOUL | Geometric pattern rug | Wool pillow with fringe

4 september 2018

Kids Tuesday.... step outside your comfort zone

Who needs a comfort zone when it comes to creating a kids room? Whatever you do... dstep on't ever leave the odd one out. It may just make the room. When creating this collage I was not really sure if the leopard print throw would work. That thought in itself is reason enough for me to leave it there. If I take it out and put a more plain coloured one there it would become 'expected' and therefor somewhat boring. The last thing I look for in a kids room is boring.

The bamboo fly screen is so pretty it could just as easily be a wall hanger in the room. I can imagine kids finding come peace and calm from their hectic every day lives when they are laying in bed playing with the strings.

Door curtain Bamboo Tropical | Gold metal arrow mirror | Large blue bird fringe pendant light shade | Leopard double sided quilt | Plastic rug PEMBA blush | Alder wood Nido bed by Krethaus