30 december 2014

No really... thank YOU!

It's been a long loooong while since my last blog post. I am still trying to work out how I want my little 'come back' to be. But I do have to say this 'thanks to all our online friends' is a massive motivator to get back into it. Specially since for some reason I am yet to find out they've mentioned me first (blushing and glowing at the same time).

My dear sweet 101 friends. I would like to take a moment to THANK YOU for all the amazing inspiration, photography, blog posts and the fun we had at the yearly Woonbeurs. You were the first to step forward and embrace bloggers instead of seeing us as competition. You dared to be different.

As they say 'paper is patient' and you have an archive of great things you've produced together to look back on. I truly hope you will all embrace your new 2015 adventures whatever they may be. And may our paths cross once again. I'll be in the Netherlands in February/March and all I can say is 'let's do lunch!' and see how many of the above 101 friends we can add to the table.