2 september 2019

A you the home chef? Make the kitchen your sanctuary!

Are you the chef in the family? This makes you the designer of the kitchen. Why not create your own little sanctuary of the kitchen. I enjoy cooking with an iPad on the counter which makes it my moment in the day without work or kids.

As you can see I have my eyes locked on this pink sink. How cool is that!! It is by Schock in Germany. And I love the glazing on the pendant. It would be items like those that would make me love to spend more time in my kitchen. And if it improves my cooking I am sure all family members will see the benefit of that.

3 juli 2019

Oh hey vacay!

Not sure about your plans but I am taking a break to spend some quality time with husband and kids this summer. Hope it will be a summer like last year. The grass was not so happy but I loved the heat.

Quote image via Pinterest

3 juni 2019

There's rainbows and holidays on my mind

With Spring kicking in I am starting to long for the same long, warm, sticky summer as last year. Wearing flimsy clothes and flipflops and drinking fruit juice and gin tonics. This combination gives me the same vibes. A vibrant Ibiza feel rug and palm tree lamps combined with wicker and some kick ass artwork. It feels like rainbows and summer in my mind. 

12 april 2019

Become a style instead of parading after one

I love the community of Instagram. It has brought so many brands to my attention that I otherwise may not have found. So kudos for that. However.... it also seems to kill our own creativity. We all seem to create the seem mudded toned kids rooms. I am wondering where is the brightness, where are the vibrant colours. Still okay to choose a theme but add some personality. 

So here is my kick in the bud, add some colour, embrace your own creativity and become a style instead of parading after one. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

29 maart 2019

This sparks me joy!

This sparks me joy! I don't do the Marie Kondo style of living. I could try for a while but I am not a stick to the program kind of person. It has however helped me a great deal getting rid of some items that I was hanging on to for the wrong reason. So a big hurray to her for that.

If I was to live a Marie Kondo kind of 'no clutter' lifestyle I would imagine it looking a bit like this. Choose the items that spark you joy. And this selection creates fireworks from where I am standing!

6 februari 2019

Collect your memories on a wall

Whenever I go through my photo feed I have favourites. Those should be enlarged to a size for a beautiful memory wall. Why keep them locked up in a digital devise? This wall is all about moments with my kids, the life we had in Singapore. It won't stay like this for ever, it will keep changing and growing just like my kids do.

23 november 2018

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES no 5 - we may need a bigger chimney

Every year I struggle making a wish list. During the year I can come up with numerous items I would like but when the pressure is on... I stall... This year I imagined a room and a mood. So I came up with a bedroom where you get ready for the day surrounded by a selection of precious items. This includes a rug... hence the titel 'we may need a bigger chimney'.

A-line satin dress | Huette Leather Boots | Arc en Ciel pailleté blue et doré | Hay rug blue | Dark chocolate with golden glaze necklace | Muuto candelabra green | Tonone Bolt desk lamp blue | Society of Wanderers bedding Topanga 

16 november 2018

H E L L O F R I D A Y | Scandinavian design hand in hand with traditional flower decor

Going through Pinterest and Instagram I see a lot of old English and Scandinavian atmosphere with abundant flower wallpapers and velvet chairs. This style is brought to this century by adding modern quote posters, design light features and minimalistic modern furniture. As soon as it catches my eye I need to try to create my own style of collage with this atmosphere.

Artwork trees and flowers by Desenio | wallpaper by House of Hackney | Thin frame lounge chair by Lawson Fenning | Tulou coffee table by Muuto | Pebble Rug by Muuto | Floor lamp Nathan by Ellos

13 november 2018

#SEASONGIFTUIDES No 4 - Prepare for a Winter Wonderland

Another 'SEASON GIFT GUIDE' edition for you! I love winter and hope we get a frosty one so we can take the kids out with the sledge and ice skates. The good thing about all this frisky outdoor life is  that you double enjoy the moments of comfort and warmth inside. A hot chocolate drink with one if these fun chocolate bars or playing for hours in your maillot on this Winder Wonderland tale telling play mat. Let the temperatures drop, I am so so ready for it.

Chocolate bars milk & white from HEMA | Panda wool cardigan by Mini Rodini | Moon Picnic Weather station | Twinkle twinkle garland | Tretorn active Chelsea winter rubber boots | Molo maillot pink | Winter wonderland play mat by ByAlex Playmats

9 november 2018

H E L L O F R I D A Y | Let's get excited about ZONDAG (Sunday)

Sundays.. the last day of the week. A day to come together with friends or family. A day of sports and of taking time for things. Like for instance cooking. Weather it is a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner... at least one meal on Sunday should feel like a feast.

In England they have the Naked Chef and in the Netherlands we have The Holy Kauw Company. With a passion for food and an eye for creativity and styling the couple Arno and Mireille create magic with their food concepts. And not just for the newly weds on a catered party or for one of their magazine collaborations, they also bundle their best recipes in an amazing book.

Together with Uitgeverij Snor they have created the book ZONDAG (Sunday). For now it is only available in Dutch but I am sure if their star continues to rise an English version will follow. Let's continue the excitement. On my Instagram account you can enter a give away to get your own copy of this book.
This book is in Dutch so my suggestion is to join the give away if you have mastered the language. And once you have practiced the recipes... feel free to share some images using #zondagboek.