30 maart 2016

A give away I lost without feeling a loser

How much fun was this enormous give away. The Dutch interior magazine (and online webshop) VT Wonen invited us all to put together our favorite items to create a 'SPRING HOME'. Criteria: had to be done in 24 hours (webshop was adjusted to the give away), had to be for several rooms in the house (living, kitchen, bedrooms, garden, etc) and had to be 10.000 euros exactly. The last was the biggest challenge as it meant making many concessions.
Out of 49.750 entrees can you imagine I didn't win. I can! Gosh I cannot imagine they were able to even take a quick glance at all entrees with so many people joinging the give away. The lucky winner was Simone Haveman. Here is the winning selection. But I don't feel a loser. I have had a good think about my home, my accessories, colours and I have a fun evening puzzling to get the exact amount. I will definately join again next year.
Above is the selection of product I chose for my personal spring home. If only I had won. So many items there have been on my wish list for quite some time but some things are just not within the every day budget.

17 maart 2016

Into Tropical home inspiration

It must be having lived in Singapore for three years but I am very much into the Tropical home atmosphere. If you add this just by using a few fun wallpapers, some accessories and big plants you can embrace the whim and can easily switch to something else after a year or so.

Look at all my Tropical Home inspirations as the list keeps growing by the day on my Pinterest board. I've totaly come back to Pinterest and will make some revisions in current boards and keep adding new ones.

Photo credits photo 1: wallpaper Archiproducts.com
Photo credits photo 2: wallpaper Design Label