24 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - A modern designer jungle room

What happens when you combine romance with a bit of jungle toughness and bold colours... you get this amazing jungle themed girls room. My hands are itching so if anyone needs to have this let me know.

My starting point was a completely different wallpaper. When I came across this romantic framed tiger it was exactly what I was looking for to give the room the surprise factor. Graceful tigers wearing a little crown. What more do you need to make a girl happy.

From there I've looked at combining fabric materials in the accessories and choose some bold colours. After all my motto is 'Go bold, choose special and combine'.

Pillowcase flowers by Castle and Things | Pillow case butterscotch velvet by Castle and Things | Tilt floor lamp orange Faces by Colonel | Cheetah tufted rug by Aelfie | Smarties velvet pillows by Mushkane | Wallpaper Wild at Heart by Spoonflower

15 oktober 2017

What caught my eye on Pinterest - week 41

It's October and by the way I am selecting colours on Pinterest you can tell we are headed towards she shorter days of winter. I am looking at deep dusty tones and fun accents of blush pink. Not looking for trends, just for what combines well and makes my heart skip a beat. I hope you are looking forward to winter just as much as I am. Want to see more of the images like above or find these in my feed... click here.

13 oktober 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - Some seriously good kitchen goals

For years and years the kitchen was a place that had to be functional. Ok, there was a choice of coloured door fronts and if you were adventurous you may have taken a coloured back splash. But still a kitchen was a kitchen and function was the main priority. If I would redesign a kitchen I would go about it completely different. Of cours function is still important but a kitchen is often the heart of a home. So it needs style!! There are some of my kitchen goals.
Ceiling lamp Gentile Oro by Masca | Metal decoration hanger by Madam Stoltz via Deens | Retro ceiling lamp by Madam Stoltz via Deens | Casa petal blush tiles by marrakechdesign | Kohler Purist Matte black kitchen sink faucet | Serax brown tableware

10 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - bedroom ideas for a boho chique young girl

As a mother of boys I sometimes dream about styling a pretty girls room. But not too sweet and blushing. It needs some BAM. I have taken some popular brands such as Mrs Mighetto, Numero 74, Hartendief and Fiona Walker and styled them for a boho chique young girl. Let me know what you love about it or what could be missed for as far as you are concerned. 

Wallpaper Mineral 4220 by Boras Tapeter | Maryam Macrame Fringe banner by Urban Outfitters | Fiona Walker heads flamingo | Numero74 Luna crown via Lidor | Copper stars wall stickers by Hartendief | Sweet Dreams wall lamp by Hartendief | Wall Friend Miss Astrid by Mrs Mighetto | Beadhead by The Family Love Tree

6 oktober 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - still in my blue and green mood

It's green everywhere you look. Fashion and interior this colour dominates the shelves. The thing I love about green is that it comes in so many different shades. This also makes it very challenging to choose the right colour to paint a wall. I have this problem now as I would like to paint a wall dark green but haven't found the right colour yet. Am hopeful I will succeed at the VT Wonen Woon en Design beurs the coming week.

Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder | Ella lamp by Tonone | Poster by Hôtel Magique | Vase by Ferm Living | Dried flowers by The Life Factory | Fragment of side table by Harto Design

3 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - Blue and blush for fun loving edgy girls

I am in love with the items by Lorena Canals. I love the bold use of colour. The up to date design and the fact that you can machine wash many of their items. For this little girls room I have taken the wall hanging as the start of my design. Combined with the blush tones and sweet swans the blue gives a contrast with just the right edge. I'm in love.

Gym hook by HAY | Wall hanging Lorena Canals (washable!!!) | Wallpaper Hibou Home | Sheepskin blue by Kwantum | Rug blue by Lorena Canals (washable!!!)