24 februari 2017

Hello Friday... let's mix it all up!

As there is so much of 'one style' that dominates my feed on Instagram I want to rebel a bit. So I am going all out with this mix of industrial, romantic, graphic and design for a bedroom. And funny enough I would really like to style a room like this. I already have the poster at home so all I need is the rest. Would it not be great if there was a hotel that would invite bloggers and stylists to style a room. Maybe I should look into this... For sure this would be my entry. And I would come and stay for as long as they let me.

wallpaper | bedding | pendant lamp | bench | plant | wall lamp | poster | rug | bed

21 februari 2017

Hello Tuesday... what's on your wall

What some women have with shoes I have with posters. So many already stacked up each other in a frame and still so many on my wish list. It's an easy way to change the atmosphere and show your personal style. I'm very much in a pink blush, light and airy mood. Is it Spring coming? Who knows... 

Skiing | Please excuse the mess | Storytile | Rock | Kiss | neon UGH | Home is where my mum is | Pink Rock | Pink marble | Monkey lamp | Pink rock print

Another thing that has been on my mind a lot lately are rocks. Beautiful, colourful, natural rocks. Call them Crystals, Gem Stones or trend rocks. I call them mesmerising. This week I got confirmed what I already thought. Was preparing for a fun project for these rocks but the job fell through. You win some, you loose some and I hope they will achieve their goals themselves. To show I still am very excited about their concept I've added some rocks in my post this week. Maybe some day...

And mess... we live in a constant mess. Can't even blame all of it on my two young boys. I am quite a messy person myself. Plus I do feel the quote is right. No need to live in a showroom. A house needs to be a home that is lived in and loved. So it can get a bit messy at times. 

17 februari 2017

Hello Friday... some Spring favourite as the sun is shining

One ray of sunlight and I am done with winter, frost, snow and cold. I want SUNSHINE. So let's welcome it big time. Last week we had ShowUp in the Netherlands, a home and gift shop trade fair and it was a world of fun. Each addition keeps getting better. I have spotted a few goodies there and added some of the brand I represented at the fair. I am so looking forward to spring and summer. Can't wait!

Bien Fait Paris wallpaper | Vontrueba Veggie #12 poster | Liljebergs butterfly pink | Sticky Lemon backpack | Renske Versluijs keychain | Crowdy House Konstrast pouf Honey | Rattan hammock by HK Living | Consilium vase by Scandinaviaform | YOU and ME mugs by Lagerhaus

14 februari 2017

Kids Tuesday... In love with the COS collection

I own one dress from COS. When I visit the shop I find it difficult to find items I like. To me it all feels a bit too much concept. But when I visited the online store I came across a kids collection and fell in love with so many items. Specially the girls collection. I hope you like it as well as my little 'out of the box' visit to kids fashion. Must be a result of my curating for the Girlslabel platform.

Dress with frill detail | Dress with monkey print | Contrast seem wool jumper | Dress with rounded skirt | Top with frill shoulders | Skirt with monkey print

3 februari 2017

Favourite Friday... feeling crafty

My go to place if I want to get crafty and need some inspiration is still Pinterest. Sure some links don't work anymore but for most DIY's you don't really need a tutorial. Besides not everything is a DIY. Some of the examples are sold out items from shops that I think could easily be a DIY. All you need is some common sense and the guts to go ahead and try it. What's the worst that can happen... that it doesn't look like the picture? Who knew you were making it based on a Pinterest inspiration in the first place...

Here are some of my favourite finds. Must admit... haven't made any of these yet. Kind of how it goes with most pins right?

Chop your own wood sign | Wall hanger by Fine Little Day | Plywood Floor mirror with shelves | Pinapple planter | Globe lamp | Smal shaggy stool | Crate turned into stool | Let's make stuff wall hanger | Multi pixel woven pouf

We really need to salute the creators. And treasure the makers who take the time to teach us by tutorial how to do it. I love to make stuff. It is a huge gratification when you know the beauty you are looking at is made by your own effort. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed enormously. The victories of the last usually fade the downside of the first. Happy making to you all!!!