28 juli 2017

Hello Friday.... lazy days in bed ask for layers of luxurious bedding and a stunning bedroom

A bedroom should be a little sanctuary. A parents safe haven yet also inviting for the kids to spend weekend mornings together on the big bed. I've gone for a young fresh and modern look with some contracting colours.

Love the deep dark rug from Habitat. Nice big size with the measurement of 200 x 300 cm and the fringe gives a fun playful effect. Last year I discovered Society of Wanderers in Australia and boy do they understand bedding with that little bit of extra umpfh. Ruffles, quilted blankets in fun prints with a bit of a washed finish... seriously you had me at 'hello'. If the bedding seems a bit above what you normally would pay than get creative. I've chosen very affordable bed side tables from the Swedish company Jotex. And again with the lights... one more expensive designer one (turned out not very expensive actually) and one very affordable one from Jotex. It's all about making smart combination. Both in design and in price.

 Wallpaper by Milton and King (yes it is becoming a favourite) | Aztec wall hanger by HK Living | Pink wall light by Jotex | Stool sets as bed side tables by Jotex | Bedding by Society of Wanderers (do check this site out as it is amazing) | &Tradition mega bulb pendant light gold | Extra large rug 'Arnold' in natural jute by Habitat

25 juli 2017

Kids Tuesday - A playroom paradise with lots of toys for learning by young children

I love a good play area for kids that provides them enough space to take out their toys and let their imagination run loose. Flexibility is much needed as kids have so many options these days they are used to switch from one activity into the other. Cause one minute they want to climb, and the next they want to play (or relax) on a wobbel board. In this soothing green environment kids are being encouraged to explore and learn.

Flexible wall bars by It's Kaos | Fabric cactus by Fiona Walker (I love this, cannot locate them on her site but still available in many shops if you google) | Wallpaper Shibori stripe in Green by Milton and King Wallpaper | Music notes poster by We Are Squared | Weave bowls (more colours available) by Crayon Chick | Wobbel board linnen whitewash | Kids rug Paradishopp by It's Kaos

I found a magazine the other day with an interview about my early days of blogging (I started in 2008 can you imagine!!). At the time as an extension of my online shop (that I don't have anymore) and to share my passion of interior. My thoughts were my online shop is a window display full of images of product and not from the atmosphere. I try to create the atmosphere in my collages but sometimes it needs to be complimented by the styled images of the brands themselves. So I will do this more often when I feel it necessary. To underline how awesome the products I select are. Do make sure you also watch this video showing you the versatile ways of using the Wobbel board.

Please note, none of the items in this post have been sponsored. It is all truly based on my personal love and interest and a untamed desire to share.

18 juli 2017

Kids Tuesday.... a teenage boys room

Let me start by pointing out this post was not sponsored. It is more a matter of holidays and still wanting to post inspirations. To make it a bit easier on myself I've done a one shop stop. A place where I always feel inspired and the urge to buy more than my wallet can carry. All the items on this collage together can be bought for only 432 euros. With lamp, rug, poof, stool etc. I did add two sale items. But it's not a bad price to teen up a boys room. Downside for international readers, it is a Dutch shop. Upside... they do ship internationally from their online shop. 

Wall lamp | Wired word 'Dream' | Chair twister | Bedding tiger 140 x 220 cm | ethnic rug | Leather poof | Yellow wicker basket

7 juli 2017

Hello Friday, let's go to bed!

It's weekend and for us the school holidays are about to start. I'll still be blogging on a regular basis. Inspiration doesn't stop just because school is in reces. Here is some bedroom inspiration for you. This was part of my VT Wonen 10.000 euro grand price entry. Didn't win (nor did I expect to as there are 50.000+ participents) but it's good fun to think about your wishes for a bedroom sanctuary. 
Wallpaper blue flowers by Kek Amsterdam | Wooden hand by HAY | Wave lamp by Snowpuppe | mirror by HAY | bedding by Crisp Sheets Amsterdam | Tray table by HAY