13 maart 2014

Tried and tested... The bObles crocodile and kids love it!!!

We tried the bObles crocodile in our family. From the age of 1, 4, 8, 10 and 12 they all found their own way to play with it and have fun. Using it to lie on, as steps, balancing board and jump board (even though it doesn't bend).

Quoting my sister: 'Even though us grown ups thought 'nice looking but what can you do with it?!' the kids loved playing with it. From one to twelve they all got busy with it and it will keep them interested for quite a while. And a happy kid.... makes a happy parent right?

I can't wait to get to the Netherlands next week and let my little two year old toddler have a go. The bObles crocodile is a lucky one as he'll get to go to Singapore for our boys to play with. It'll look very good with our lucious garden and help the boys in their development. Can't wait to come up with a suitable name for our new pet.

All bObles items are part of 'the happy development'. Read all about it on the bObles website, look at the colors and shapes available and find a reseller close to you.

The bObles crocodile was offered to Lille Lykke to test. After we bring it home to Singapore we will post pictures on Instagram

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