10 juni 2016

Hello Friday... A shout out to friends

Let me kick off this Friday with a huge congratulations to Irene Hoofs and her team from Koel Magazine. They have just gathered their last bit of funding through a succesfull Kickstarter campaign. Let the hard work begin and the group of enthousaists grow. Follow their adventures of the magazine coming to life on Instagram. 

But she is not the only one with something to celebrate. Another blogger friend has just launched antoher cook book. Soon she'll have more books on the shelf than Jamie Oliver. Congratulations Yvonne from Yvestown. I remember the words in your first book on how you had always wanted to publish a book. So many recipes and hours with your good friend Roel later you have already created a book shelf. Can't wait to see your new pretty in pink collection of recipes. 

I am very proud of these two ladies building their empire and expanding their online succes to offline print. Paper rules! 

For the Koel Magazine you still need to wait another few months but the Yvestown kookt can already be ordered by preorder here

I am looking forward to next week. Have a photoshoot planned with amazing product from Orla Kiely for NCAgencies. I've started to take over their social media and news letters. So much fun to do and just great to be working again. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine and we can get creative and productive.

Have a great weekend, keep the celebrations going and let's catch up next Friday. 

X Caroline

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