27 juli 2016

Happy holiday.... just had to share

Can I just quietly burst here.... I love this conversion of an attic room. They have created such a light sunny fun playroom. With storage baskets to hide the toys after playing and comfortable seating to enjoy reading or some gaming. I would personally add a little rock climbing wall to one of the sides. With so many mattresses in the room you would have a soft landing.

Needless to say I get so inspired I start to dream about creating this space for myself. I have even looked at what pillows I would use. Here is a first variety that I have quickly chosen from the VT Wonen online shop.

The converted attic room is part of a Westhampton Beach playhouse that has been converted by Change & Co and boy did they do a good job. I always love a good before and after but this one will make me look differently at every home I visit in the future. They have made a dull average house into a bright fun welcoming home. Not all choices made are my liking but overall the entire house looks very well decorated with color links and pattern links from room to room.

Now I am back to my deadlines for my freelance work and than some holiday fun at the coast.

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