12 augustus 2016

Happy Friday.... collage style

What's keeping me busy lately... beside entertaining the children through the summer holidays I am busy making collages. So so many collages. And I am starting to really enjoy making them. Later in this post I will show you some that I have made (or am making) for other platforms. But this is one I made for my own blog. It reminds me of the fun I had selecting items for the VT Wonen contest to win 10.000 euros worth of products from their website. After searching their pages so much I had to go back to source some beauties for my collage. And I have also added some products from the FEMKEIDO shop as she is opening doors in Rotterdam this week! This calls for a little celebration.

Like what you see... so here is where you can shop all this.
wallpaper royal blue ~ muuto lamp mustard ~ frama shelf ~ HAY pillow ~ crowdyhouse poster ~ cabinet ~ iittala pillow cover ~ donna wilson plate ~ la forma chair ~ zuiver lounge chair

Expect more collages like this as I really enjoy making them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As promised also some collages I made for the platform BOYSLABEL. With them it is all kids related and besides a lot of fashion (new territory for me) I also sneak in some interior and other fun stuff. Just follow the link to get to their website with the blogpost. Not a boys mum. No problem... I also write for them on GIRLSLABEL and BABYLABEL.

But that is not all. I have also been very busy for a lovely agency called NCAgencies who has the most amazing brands. I get busy doing newsletters (again with collages) and we are very much looking forward to representing the brands at the coming SHOP UP Amsterdam fair. Will you also be there? Come say hi at booth 134 & 135 (ORLA KIELY and BRITA SWEDEN/ISAK).

And today I enjoyed making some collages for a friend of mine who has a webshop for baby & kids interior and gift items called PUURBELEVEN (pure experience). She is expanding her webshop with kids room and play room styling with additional discounts in her shop. Oh boy am I hoping she needs a helping hand as I love doing that!!!

As you can see I am not really bumming around lazy on the beach... I only pretend to do so. Happy last bits of your holidays and I still continue to enjoy mine. Both online and offline.

See you next week!

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