28 oktober 2016

Hello Friday.... too early for Christmas?

Living in the Netherlands means Christmas is somewhat surpassed until after Sinterklaas. A Dutch traditional festivity for young kids on the 5th of December. A good thing as kids love it but I am so ready for all the Christmas decorations, tasty food and inspirations. I will be going to Oslo this year to visit my sister and am looking forward to some Scandinavian Christmas input. 

I've put together a shopping Favorite Friday with things that have already caught my eye. Being it as decorations or as a present for under the tree... 

Golden Merry Christmas garland (HEMA) - Bamboo sun mirror (ENSUUS) - Golden stars garland (numero 74) - Rocky Mountain pillows (SLOOP) - Consilium vase (SCANDINAVIAFORM) - white light garland (IKEA) - recipe for fruit minced pies (DONNA HAY) - Fir Fir plate and mug (HOUSE OF RYM) - Glasilium vase (SCANDINAVIAFORM)

I am looking forward to continuing this path of inspirational shoppings for you. I find it excites me more at the moment than posting an image of an interior and writing about it. Will try to make it as global as possible. Happy Friday and happy shopping.

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