28 juli 2017

Hello Friday.... lazy days in bed ask for layers of luxurious bedding and a stunning bedroom

A bedroom should be a little sanctuary. A parents safe haven yet also inviting for the kids to spend weekend mornings together on the big bed. I've gone for a young fresh and modern look with some contracting colours.

Love the deep dark rug from Habitat. Nice big size with the measurement of 200 x 300 cm and the fringe gives a fun playful effect. Last year I discovered Society of Wanderers in Australia and boy do they understand bedding with that little bit of extra umpfh. Ruffles, quilted blankets in fun prints with a bit of a washed finish... seriously you had me at 'hello'. If the bedding seems a bit above what you normally would pay than get creative. I've chosen very affordable bed side tables from the Swedish company Jotex. And again with the lights... one more expensive designer one (turned out not very expensive actually) and one very affordable one from Jotex. It's all about making smart combination. Both in design and in price.

 Wallpaper by Milton and King (yes it is becoming a favourite) | Aztec wall hanger by HK Living | Pink wall light by Jotex | Stool sets as bed side tables by Jotex | Bedding by Society of Wanderers (do check this site out as it is amazing) | &Tradition mega bulb pendant light gold | Extra large rug 'Arnold' in natural jute by Habitat

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