15 oktober 2018

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No3: are your kids the kind that like to build things?

Check out these toys!! Are your kids the kind that love to build things? Mine are. Thank goodness because I also love that type of play. For this post I've done quite a search to get a fun combination of age, skill and price range. The toys are unique and fun and will keep your kids away from the screens.

Not kidding! Can't wait for the cold winter days that you go out for a walk or some sledding, come home and get all cosy with one of these toys. These will for sure go on our family wish list!

#seasongiftguides are an addition to my Favourite Friday and Kids Tuesday posts in the months approaching the holiday season. My attempt to introduce you to some toys and gifts you may not have seen before. All items worth the shipping costs of online shopping I promise. We kick off once a week and towards mid November/December I will add some extra gift guides. ENJOY!

Bakoba megabox (red dot award winner!) | Cubetto: a wooden toy robot teaching the basics of programming) | Apollo, construction game by Londji | Makedo Toolkit (your kids will never let you throw out a cardboard box as they will use it to build) | Poppik sticker poster (like pixel art on the iPad but than on paper, or a modern version of colour by number).

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