23 november 2013

Let's get merry, I'm opening the season for Christmas

I know it's early to start talking about Christmas. But living in Singapore makes it a reality that you are well into the Christmas carols, decorations and sweets mid November. And there is no harm in getting organized and screening the web for the best presents. Even if they have to come from the other side of the world...
My sister bought this beanbag which made me curious about the rest of the products from this Australian brand. Mozi has a bit of an traditional English feel to me but with products that are just a little bit different. Combined with modern items they will stand out. Like the sailor and siren salt and pepper grinders. All and all they make cute Christmas presents and as we're still ahead of December there's time to ship it from Australia.
And there is also their vintage christmas collection. With very cute melamine plates, kids aprons and a wrapping paper book. Must admit I'm quite excited about that last one.

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