2 januari 2014

Safe the date.... February 7th

Put a big X in your 2014 diary as on the 7th of February IKEA will launch a new designer collection called Bråkig. In a collaboration with the danish ArtRebels a line of beautiful products was designed. I love the simplicity of the wall storage with nice hooks to put either coats or cups. Coloring the tops of the FROSTA stool is one of the most done IKEA hacks so why not offer it in store... Clever thinking IKEA! And in my mind I've already found more than one nice spot of these little 130 x 170 cm rugs.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Deze collectie is mooi! zet de datum zeker in mijn agenda!
    Best wishes for 2014 ☆


    Stephanie / Coos-je

  2. Prachtig, en 7 februari is mijn verjaardag! Die ga ik niet vergeten ;)
    De beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar!

  3. super!! Ik kan niet wachten, zulke mooie dingen gewoon.

  4. Hi! Is this date for IKEA Singapore? Thanks, Nina