22 april 2016

Happy Friday everybody

Good morning and a happy Friday to you all. After a week of kids with runny noses and very fresh (cold!) temperatures I am ready for some light reading and uplifting inspirations. We have made a selection of recent discoveries online. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do and feel inspired to get creative, treat those tastebuds, get shopping and make small changes to your home. Here we go with our very first Favorite Friday...

Through Pinterest I found this artist. So inspired by her story of her having a Master's degree in Music and ending up as an amazing ink printing artist. I sometimes feel limited by the fact that I wasn't educated to do something but this proves you don't need the diploma to be really good at something. Just follow your heart. Make sure you follow Andrea Lauren on Instagram as she posts the most amazing work.

Another thing I come across more and more online is the 'grow your own' plant. I remember a few years ago watching a tv show in German (not my best spoken language) about all the fruits and vegetables you have in your cupboard that you can easily regrow again. One example of that is this pineapple plant. Having lived in Singapore I have seen these grow in the botanical gardens. Don't think our Dutch climate is warm enough but I am very tempted to give this one a go this summer. At the moment I am testing the grounds with a left over piece of ginger.

The cactus. I still cannot get enough of it. Don't want one in the house as I have two little boys running around. But I have painted a large one that we had on the wall in Singapore and I see some great cactus inspired creations online. Such as the beautiful embroidery pieces by Sarah K Benning. Do follow her Instagram and check out her Etsy shop as she has recently started to sell templates for her amazing designs.

And last but surely not least. How amazing are these Moebe frames from Denmark. I have already experimented with buying two cheap frames and using both glass pieces on one but you see the black metal parts that keep it together. Not on these babies as they are beautifully crafted so that you don't see anything else than oak frame and the items on display. I have some flower press dried leaves and flowers as a souvenir from Singapore that look amazing in these frames.

There... my first Favorite Friday is up. I cannot wait to see you all again next week. Have a great weekend!!! And do comment as I love to be in touch. Have some great plans up my sleeve for that as well but first things first.

X Caroline

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  1. Leuke blog Caro! Goed om te zien dat je je oude site weer geactiveerd hebt :-)

    Tot horens en de hartelijke groetjes, Martijn