29 april 2016

Happy Friday everybody

Amazing! Absolutely amazing. Today I had a great work meeting. Something nice and fun that I am really looking forward to. It made me do some research on traditional Swedish rug making and I came across a website that sells vintage rugs. These are both made in 1950 and are both unused and for sale. Give me budget now as I really love the first and last rug shown here. Great craftmanship, beautiful colors and love the textures that create height in the rug.  It's my birthday coming soon so if anyone is still looking for inspiration (hint hint).

Another great rug that would be more than welcome in my home is the Pampa rug. Handwoven in Argentina in vibrant colors and modern designs creating a very desirable eye catcher for your home. This week I have pinned several great rugs in my Pinterest Fabric designs I love board. It must be that I have fallen in love with weaving myself that I am so into these handmade rugs.

And finally something else for Friday Favorite... my kind of fashion. Comfortable, beautiful colors, pockets in dresses and quality material. In Singapore I would always wear dresses like this or comfortable shirts with shorts. Can't wait for summer to have easy morning desicions to make in my wardrobe. This blue Humanoid dress and check oversized top are all in the style and shape that I would practically live in.

In this shirt I could lie on the rugs and simply blend in.

Wishing you all a very happy Friday and a great weekend. Let's hope the sun will be shining and we can flirt with Spring outdoor living. Can't wait to catch up next Friday.

X Caroline

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