16 september 2016

Hello Friday... some plans to get Autumn ready

We're getting close to European Autumn. It will be my first leaves falling again in four years time as we've lived in Singapore for a while. With the outdoors becoming a bit more gloomy I long for an extra cosy feeling indoors. We've already made a bit of a start by changing the layout in the room. Our sitting area is shifted to the smaller back room and the front room will be the dining area and playroom for the kids. Here are some additional ideas and products I've come across that I absolutely love and hopefully soon will get.

Wallpaper Royal Blue Flowers, My living room 'art' wall, Hemp Rug, wooden legs for sofa, soft pink sofa cover, mustard tear drop wool blanket, cushion covers, fig tree plant.

I am curious about your plans to get the house ready for the changing season. Will you want to change a lot like myself or are you more a modest changes type of person? 

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