2 september 2016

Hello Friday.... Let's get creative

Returning to my blogging roots I have visited some Scandinavian interior magazine websites once more. I used to go this for hours and hours following link, brand, stylist and photographer in a search to new inspirations. It brought me to some fun creative ideas.

BoligLiv - DIY key holder
 boligliv - inspiration - diy - key hanger - lillelykke

BoligLiv - Wall hanging
 boligliv - inspiration - diy - wall hanging

The wall hanger reminded me that we are closing in on the launch month for the new KOEL magazine. Are you into yarn craft enthousiast make sure you order your copy here online.

But there is more to keep an eye out for. Staying in the theme of magazines another one you don't want to miss is the bloggers special from VT wonen. Many of my good blogger friends are in there sharing their favorite images, hotspot shops and inspirations. A must read if you ask me.

 vt wonen loves blogs 2016 - order oline

And finally a safe the date... there will be a launch of new books by publisher SNOR, a bloggers market, workshops and several refreshing entertainment. All in a great old train depot in Utrecht. Will I bump into you at the SNOR festival on the 24th or 25th of September?

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