3 februari 2017

Favourite Friday... feeling crafty

My go to place if I want to get crafty and need some inspiration is still Pinterest. Sure some links don't work anymore but for most DIY's you don't really need a tutorial. Besides not everything is a DIY. Some of the examples are sold out items from shops that I think could easily be a DIY. All you need is some common sense and the guts to go ahead and try it. What's the worst that can happen... that it doesn't look like the picture? Who knew you were making it based on a Pinterest inspiration in the first place...

Here are some of my favourite finds. Must admit... haven't made any of these yet. Kind of how it goes with most pins right?

Chop your own wood sign | Wall hanger by Fine Little Day | Plywood Floor mirror with shelves | Pinapple planter | Globe lamp | Smal shaggy stool | Crate turned into stool | Let's make stuff wall hanger | Multi pixel woven pouf

We really need to salute the creators. And treasure the makers who take the time to teach us by tutorial how to do it. I love to make stuff. It is a huge gratification when you know the beauty you are looking at is made by your own effort. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed enormously. The victories of the last usually fade the downside of the first. Happy making to you all!!!

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