21 februari 2017

Hello Tuesday... what's on your wall

What some women have with shoes I have with posters. So many already stacked up each other in a frame and still so many on my wish list. It's an easy way to change the atmosphere and show your personal style. I'm very much in a pink blush, light and airy mood. Is it Spring coming? Who knows... 

Skiing | Please excuse the mess | Storytile | Rock | Kiss | neon UGH | Home is where my mum is | Pink Rock | Pink marble | Monkey lamp | Pink rock print

Another thing that has been on my mind a lot lately are rocks. Beautiful, colourful, natural rocks. Call them Crystals, Gem Stones or trend rocks. I call them mesmerising. This week I got confirmed what I already thought. Was preparing for a fun project for these rocks but the job fell through. You win some, you loose some and I hope they will achieve their goals themselves. To show I still am very excited about their concept I've added some rocks in my post this week. Maybe some day...

And mess... we live in a constant mess. Can't even blame all of it on my two young boys. I am quite a messy person myself. Plus I do feel the quote is right. No need to live in a showroom. A house needs to be a home that is lived in and loved. So it can get a bit messy at times. 

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