28 maart 2017

Kids Tuesday... a living room kids corner we can say 'YAY' to

A cute stylish kids room in the living room should be possible right. Yes as long as you have a kick ass large cabinet with lots of storage to store the toys in when not played with. When decorating a kidscorner for the living room my advise would be go with a bit more designer style items that can be used by kids. Like this table from Onshus, the wall light and the storage bag. For the chairs I've chosen one vintage Karin Mobring (from my own collection) that I have painted black when faded too much and a little chair from Mum and Dad Factory.

On the Muuto and WOOOD shelf you can display one or two favourite books and some cute small storage boxes or toys that are easy on the eye. Some of these items were placed in my VT Wonen voorjaarshuis (spring home) competition entry. 

Wall art is actually wrapping paper from Rifle Paper and Co | Wall lamp Nordall | Shelf Muuto | Book on Shelf | Shelf WOOOD type Meert | Little desk by Onshus | Vintage chair by Karin Mobring for IKEA (private) | similar chair by Mum and Dad Factory | Raffia storage baskets by Rice | Locker cabinet by VT Wonen | Rug by Muuto | Way to Play road puzzle | Ferm LIVING storage basket

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