17 maart 2017

Hello Friday... am I out of control?

In this collages my starting point was a little mommy corner. Somewhere to have a moment to yourself with a good read or a little iPad moment when the kids haven't confiscated the devise. Some me-time that we all need every now and than.

Rope lamp black | Good Morning poster | Rohini printed daybed (on sale!) | Leopard pillow case by Society of Wanderers | Hoppmosse 1452 wallpaper from the Wonderland collection by Borastapeter | Terracotta Cotton crochet blanket by Society of Wanderers | Pax and Hart poster Leopard | Daybed cube by House Doctor (found one on sale!)

My love for the Scandinavian interior style that is light, functional with eye for design hasn't changed. But when living in Singapore I read the Real Living magazine a lot and the eclectic style from the Australians also really speaks to me. So I try to combine the best of both worlds.

I enjoy these collages so much. My 'creations' are getting more out of control but for me more interesting. I don't want to copy and paste the trends that I see on instagram but create my own style. Without a doubt I am influenced by the trends but I only take highlights from them.

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