19 maart 2017

Hello... SUNDAY?!? I'm joining the give away of the year

Once a year the Dutch magazine VT Wonen hosts an amazing give away called #vtwonenvoorjaarshuis. You can win € 10.000,- of products from their shop. Only a few rules. It has to be the exact amount, you have to put it together on the 19th of March and it has to be items for the entire household. A restyle to get your home ready for Spring. Most likely you also have to live in the Netherlands but I'm not sure about that...

Here is the overview of what I have shopped together. Must be honest... I added a few items to the image that would be 'private collection' as you often see mentioned in the magazine. But I wanted to give an overall overview of the style I am aiming for. And things like wallpaper and certain lamps need to be added.

I also joined the give away last year and wrote a blog about it. Find my 2016 entry here. This give away has only one winner but doesn't have any losers. Cause spending an entire day putting together your ideal interior is a party for everyone. Although this year I do hope to win as I am eager to get a white floor again. And I would love to see this mood board put together in real life.

|| the grey outlines in the image are the floor plan of your home. ||

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