24 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - A modern designer jungle room

What happens when you combine romance with a bit of jungle toughness and bold colours... you get this amazing jungle themed girls room. My hands are itching so if anyone needs to have this let me know.

My starting point was a completely different wallpaper. When I came across this romantic framed tiger it was exactly what I was looking for to give the room the surprise factor. Graceful tigers wearing a little crown. What more do you need to make a girl happy.

From there I've looked at combining fabric materials in the accessories and choose some bold colours. After all my motto is 'Go bold, choose special and combine'.

Pillowcase flowers by Castle and Things | Pillow case butterscotch velvet by Castle and Things | Tilt floor lamp orange Faces by Colonel | Cheetah tufted rug by Aelfie | Smarties velvet pillows by Mushkane | Wallpaper Wild at Heart by Spoonflower

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